Platinum Membership

The Platinum membership level is exclusively for high-income entrepreneurs and influential business leaders and is limited to one hundred members worldwide who are ready to live life at a level very few ever imagine, much less attain.

As an elite Platinum Member, you will enjoy and benefit from an unprecedented opportunity to be personally coached by bestselling author Dr. Rick C. Ernst as well as other leading experts in their respective fields.

Your Platinum Membership ensures that you are receiving the most up-to-date world-class teachings, wealth-building strategies, and entrepreneurial success coaching.

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You’ll learn life-changing information, strategies, and proven profit procedures from specialized life world-class entrepreneurs, experts, scholars, financial planners, and tax and health and wellness experts,
all while visiting some of the most spectacular destinations on earth.

Dr. Rick has specifically designed this revolutionary coaching program to deliver the highest level of personalized attention, which will enable you to take quantum leaps in your business while also increasing your personal power and enjoyment.

These success disciplines and strategies have been integrated into practical applications and forms you can use to effectively create your very own Richer Life.


Platinum Membership

Is Exclusively Designed For Entrepreneurs,

Who Are Committed

 To Living Life At A Level Few Ever Attain.


Dr. Rick and his host of experts will provide you with the most innovative, intimate, and exclusive entrepreneurial wealth-building and life success coaching available in the world today.

This proven coaching program is a results-producing, life-changing process that empowers you to harness, repackage and reposition yourself with the insights and tools.

You’ll gain the wisdom needed to break through your current obstacles, whether from individual circumstances, personal competence and habits, or from the challenges of the ever-changing world economy.

Platinum Membership – Unparalleled Coaching

With A Step-By-Step Blueprint

To Build Your Very Own Custom Richer Life.

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This advanced coaching encompasses the critical issues entrepreneurs face in today’s market place such as multiplying income and protecting wealth through advanced asset protection.

Increasing quality family time and relationships, taking and enjoying more time off, better communication, and making and keeping commitments.

Establish proven organizational and time management skills designed especially for entrepreneurs as well as being totally fulfilled in every area of your life.

As you are being coached, you will be introduced to twenty-first-century innovative success concepts, including how to use the same proven strategies used by the most successful entrepreneurs in the world and the shortcuts to model them to replicate the same successful results in your own life. 

With This New Consciousness  

You’ll Create A More 

Satisfying, Profitable, And Fulfilling Life 

For Both Your Personal And Professional Life.


Platinum Membership – Quarterly Structure

The coaching structure for the Platinum Members has been purposely designed for the attainment of maximum results.

Through years of dedication and client observation, Dr. Rick has discovered entrepreneurs and business owners meeting once per quarter for intense high-impact coaching is the most beneficial and assures each member’s personal accountability.

Quarterly Coaching Sessions Consist of

Either A 2-Day Workshop or A

4-Day Super Summit On An Alternating Schedule.

Your in-person participation in these coaching sessions will hone your mental faculties, thereby preparing you for maximum achievement during the forthcoming 90 days.

The in-depth 2-day coaching workshops are always held in Orlando, Florida.

These workshops consist of a series of innovative success coaching principles and exercises, reviews of personal progress, and extensive coaching and planning for the coming quarter.

We also encourage peer involvement which assists in the learning process and increases personal accountability.

Then approximately 90 days later, Platinum Members will assemble in person again.

This time you will participate in a 4-day Super Summit where you will learn, be coached, network, play and relax. 

11Every six months, the 4-day Super Summits are held at either a mountain location such as Aspen, Colorado,

or St. Moritz, Switzerland, or a Caribbean location such as Tortola, British Virgin Islands, or St. Barts, France.

During each Super Summit,
you will luxuriate in the splendor of one of the world’s most spectacular locations
and experience the exquisite rejuvenation process, which has been carefully chosen for our Platinum Members.

The first half of each day at the Super Summit begins with unparalleled success coaching led by Dr. Rick and other leading experts in their respective fields.

In these sessions, you will receive the most up-to-date world-class teachings and coaching from specialized life experts, scholars, doctors, financial planners, and tax and health and wellness experts.

Platinum Membership

Provides You With The Latest

Cutting-Edge Tools, Resources,

And Success Disciplines,

Delivering You A New Mindset And Ability.

This newfound mental competence will allow you to return home and immediately integrate these profitable strategies, which will empower you to customize the life you really desire.

During the second half of each day, you will enjoy experiential learning through both personal and group exercises, reflection, and/or play.

Over the years, it has been proven that advanced experiential learning through success coaching is extremely heightened in a relaxing and rejuvenating environment.

An additional benefit of a special rejuvenating setting is rediscovering the child that is locked up inside you.

This New Discovery Will Rekindle Your 

Creativity, Enthusiasm, And Imagination.



Through enjoyable mental exercises, you will regain the childlike feelings of freedom, fun, flexibility, and vitality you not only deserve but must have to effectively create your very own Richer Life.

You will once again become more playful, more present and powerful, more uniquely you, creative and passionate.

You will be more yourself at home, at work, everywhere, more peaceful, light, and energetic, with each new day bringing more enjoyment. You will be living at a higher level of life which we call the Richer Life.


Total Balance Living

Many high-achieving entrepreneurs are great at learning from the past and planning for the future but struggle with total balance living.

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As Strange

As It Sounds,

Most Entrepreneurs

Spend Very Little Time

Living In The Present,

Which Is The Only Life

We All Have!

Of course, the past is over, and the future is yet to come; therefore, the only life we have is the present. We call this state of mind living in the “NOW” of our lives.

As a Platinum Member, you will discover insights into expanding your overall consciousness to where you are in tune with, able to understand, and actually are living in the present moment of your life.

In so doing, you will develop a greater ability to make more effective decisions, learn to delegate more and capture or recapture the missing balance in your life.


An Intimate Brain Trust

As a Platinum Member, you will be part of an exceptional, intimate brain trust of extraordinary entrepreneurs who are committed to both personal and professional growth and achievement, as well as using their position in life to help make the world a better place.

While attending each quarterly coaching session, you OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwill be networking with a very special elite group of experienced, high-net-worth, committed, like-minded entrepreneurs from around the world. 

They bring their gifts, talents, and extensive business acumen together every 90 days to sharpen their edge.

This collaborative mix of personalities, education, and expertise, led by author, speaker, and master coach Dr. Rick C. Ernst, and his associate team of experts, enriches each of the participants in a very unique and personal way.

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Platinum Membership

Is An Elite Networking,

Educational, And Incredible Opportunity.

As a Platinum member, you’ll learn how to:

Create Passive Income Streams,

Joint Ventures

New Businesses

Lifetime friendships are formed that will change you, and your life, forever. It is impossible to quantify what takes place during each quarterly coaching session.

However, one thing is for certain, this extraordinary elite networking opportunity is an incredible and profitable life-changing experience!


Lifelong Financial and Personal Benefits

After the first three years of participation as a Platinum Member, most entrepreneurs have significantly transformed themselves and retooled their businesses to support much higher productivity with unlimited growth potential.

Participants also achieve a dramatic improvement in their quality of life by doubling their incomes and taking an extra 120 to 150 days off per year. These days are free of all work-related thinking and activities.


As A Platinum Member, You Will Learn To:

      • Work Less – Enjoy Multiple Passive Income Streams
      • Double Your Income and Take 120-150 Days Off
        Per Year
      • Dramatically Improve Your Quality Of Life
      • Concentrate On What’s Important To you
      • Produce Profit Making Relationships And Activities
      • Establish Systems That Prevent New Issues From Reducing Your Focus, Creativity, And Profits

You will be given the coaching and tools you need to take authentic actions that will give each area of your life true meaning and relevance.


Master The Seven Most Important

Areas of Your Life

Through practical, hands-on techniques, you will be coached on the secrets to mastering the seven most important areas of your life:


Health, Nutrition, Wellness

Feelings, Emotions, Self Expression

Personal And Professional Relationships

Career Fruition, Living Your Life’s Passion

Time Management,

Wealth Building, Spirituality, Maturity, And Stewardship.

Mastery of these seven areas of your life will bring forth your most vital dreams and aspirations.

Wherein your daily Richer Life will be filled with powerful results, and you will enjoy life more as you become less stressed, less tied to expectations, and more mindful.


Proven Results of Platinum Membership

As a Platinum Member, each quarter, you will continue to make quantum mental shifts that will open doors that will allow you to evaluate new ways to become more efficient.

Through closely analyzing what you do and how you do it on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis.

By applying these newfound life management techniques, tools, and resources, you will reduce your overall levels of stress and dramatically improve your productivity and bottom-line profits.


The Results Will Be A Total

New Revitalized You,

A Person Who Has: 

      • Improved Health, Energy, And A Slimmer Body

        Increased Productivity And Income

        Higher Levels Of Emotional Intelligence

        Become A Better Spouse, Parent, Co-Worker

        More Clarity, Focus, Dreams, And Vision

In addition, as a Platinum Member, you will discover how to remove frustrations from your daily life.

This will enable you to refocus on your priorities and develop strategies to move your personal and professional life to the master level.

Once again, we call this new higher level of living The Richer Life.

Platinum Membership

Benefits Will Assist You To:

        • Increase Income, Lower Taxation, and Maximize Asset Protection

        • Evaluate And Improve Your Life And Work Balance

        • Establish New Personal Priorities To Enjoy More
          Free Time

        • Recognize What Motivates And
          Makes You Feel Valued And Rewarded

          Life Management Techniques –
          Prioritizing Time

        • Understand What Causes You to Stress
        • And How To Manage It Positively

In addition, your life will have a new se
nse of empowerment with enhanced creativity and improved problem-solving abilities.

You will also enjoy improved clarity and superior concentration, more tuned in to yourself as well as others.

Income Enhancement, Lower Taxation,

Asset Protection And Estate Planning

A very popular part of the coaching in the Platinum Membership is asset protection and estate planning.

In the United States, over the last 80 years or so, it has become more difficult for Americans to keep what they earn.

Under Today’s Rules,

What Is Yours Is

Yours Until . . .

The Tax Collector or

Someone Else Finds A Way

To Take It From You.

No matter what business venture or activity you are engaged in today, it is simply foolish not to have either a domestic and/or international asset protection and estate plan.

There is never an excuse to have an asset or potential asset placed in a position where that asset can be made available to a creditor should a mistake, either in that specific venture or some other venture, is made.

There are many advantages and benefits of operating in an asset protection/estate planning environment.

The fact is you should always operate through one of a number of available legal vehicles associated with such planning.


Concerning Asset Protection In

Today’s Market Place

There Are Three Main Drains That Require Attention:

1. The Constant Drain:

Income from salary and investments is not yours alone. Federal and State Governments can claim up to 50% of your income.

Federal capital gains taxes can claim from 15% to 23.8%, and this is only the Federal government.

Many states also tax capital gains, and that adds to the total tax number. Actually, you lose a lot more than the raw number on capital gains since inflation can add to your taxable profit but not to your real profit.

2. Estate Taxes:

After paying all of the taxes on your salary and capital gains, you now pay taxes for the right to die.

If not properly structured, your entire estate, everything you have accumulated in a lifetime of paying taxes, is again taxed at combined Federal and State rates that may top 50%.

Estate taxes are probably the ugliest tax of all. Estate taxes may force a grieving family to liquidate a business or real estate holdings at fire sale prices.

The Federal estate tax exemption for 2023 is $12.92 million ($25.84 million per married couple). However, 21 states plus the District of Columbia have much lower exemption amounts.

3. Lawsuits:

More than 100 million lawsuits are filed each year in state trial courts, while roughly 400,000 cases are filed in federal trial courts. The US accounts for over 94% of all of the lawsuits filed in
the world.

What isn’t lost to taxes is exposed 24 hours a day to the threat of imaginative lawsuits: lawsuits from governmental agencies
and lawsuits from individuals hoping for a 
winning ticket in the litigation lottery.

The Wealth You Have Accumulated

Through Decades of Hard

Work Can Be Snatched Away

At The Bang of A Judge’s Gavel.

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The grounds for a government seizure or a
a catastrophic lawsuit can seem ludicrous –


As A Platinum Member, You Will Discover How

Time-Tested Proven Asset Protection/Estate Plan Can: 

A.  Protect your assets from any predator (Creditor)

B.  Control your assets during your lifetime

C.  Eliminate probate

D.  Reduce Federal and State income and capital gains taxes

E.  Eliminate estate and inheritance taxes

F.  Direct distributions of your assets after death

G.  Have the ability to modify your system

H.  Have the ability to treat your system like building blocks

I.  Feel comfortable with your income system

J.  Keep your Asset Protection/Estate Plan Current

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How To Use Domestic And International Structures To: 

Protect your assets

Increase your wealth through long-term tax deferral

Get tax-deferred asset-protected growth on ALL INVESTMENTS without a retirement plan

HOW TO HOLD TITLE to your business, home, and other assets

Sell appreciated real estate, stock, businesses, or other appreciated assets 

a tax deduction as a bonus

Create your own tax-deferred asset-protected PRIVATE

Give away your assets and still be able to MAINTAIN CONTROL
of the asset


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You Will Also Learn About


      International Trusts: The ultimate asset and lawsuit protection.
     How to legally move your assets without taxation and establish   
     total asset protection and maintain lifetime asset control

What’s The Difference: Domestic Corp – International Corp – Grantor Trust – International Trust – Domestic Trust – Partnership – Intentionally Defective, Domestic Grantor Trust  The Right Legal Way to Have International Bank Accounts and Limited Liability Company

Domestic Structures: Limited Liability Companies – Corporations – Limited Partnerships – Trusts – Partnerships – Domestic Bank Accounts

Financial Privacy: In today’s world of communications, is financial privacy even a realistic goal?

International Structures: IBC – Trust – Insurance Companies – International Banks – Asset Protection Trust – International Bank Accounts – Limited Liability Companies

Domestic Jurisdictions: Nevada – Delaware – Texas – Florida – Others

International Jurisdictions: Of the 43 WORLD’S TAX HAVENS, which are right for what you want to accomplish?


As a Platinum Member, you will learn up-to-date real-world Asset Protection/Estate Planning information, including which asset protection device is known as the ROLLS ROYCE OF ASSET PROTECTION.

You will attain the knowledge to build a personal game plan that is totally 100% within the law, one that is right for you and your circumstances!

Then you will have the knowledge and peace of mind that your life will never be upset by sudden financial loss.

This kind of bulletproof protection was only once available to the very wealthy, but now it is available to you as a Platinum Member.

No Matter How Successful You Might Be Right Now;

There’s Always More To Be Achieved.

There Is . . .

          • More Wealth
          • More Passion
          • More Influence
          • More Giving

Take Control And Master Your Life

If you are ready to learn how to master your life from the wisdom of the world’s greatest minds and achievers, apply today for Platinum Membership.

Due To The Individual Attention Each Participant Receives,

Platinum Membership Is Limited To The First One Hundred

People Who Are Accepted Into The Program.

Only One Hundred Individuals Are Accepted

Into Platinum Membership

Because only one hundred select individuals will be accepted into the Platinum Membership, once membership is complete, admission into this elite group will be available only upon the departure of an existing member.

Memberships May Be Renewed Annually

By Invitation Only.

If the Platinum Membership is sold out when you apply, you may request to be added to our waiting list. Participants will then be invited to enroll on a first-come, first-served basis.

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