Rick C. Ernst, Ph.D.


Dr. Rick C. Ernst

     A Leading 21st Century

     Private Health Consultant

     Visionary, Provocative Thinker,

       And Global Entrepreneur.     



Private Health Consultant 

And Holistic Brain

Optimization Specialist

Dr. Rick C. Ernst is a human engineering and holistic brain optimization specialist, educated in the areas of psychological, behavioral, and temperament assessments.

He serves high-income entrepreneurs as their success coach and private health consultant.

Dr. Rick uses his proven multidisciplinary approach to solve hard-to-treat health issues.

His protocols merge 21st century-cutting edge health science, technology, and spirituality.

His experience and expertise accelerate his client’s journey in striving to achieve optimum health, fitness, and success.

State-Of-The-Art Technologies

Dr. Rick’s private health consulting uses state-of-the-art testing and integrated health techniques of:



Genetic Testing and Epigenetics, 


Frequency-Specific Microcurrent, and

Psychological, Behavioral, and Temperament Assessments.

Offen psychological issues are hidden in the unconscious mind, which many times are discovered through assessments.

These issues can be sending negative and unhealthy signals throughout the body, contributing to or causing health poor issues.

Genetic Testing 

Dr. Rick also leads his clients through personalized state-of-the-art genetic testing, wherein he coaches them through understanding their genetic blueprint and how to benefit from it.

At this stage, his clients discover that the root cause of their health conditions may be attributed to genetic disorders or variants that have become evident through whole genome sequencing DNA testing.

These variants or disorders may appear as mutations or a missing part of a chromosome called a deletion, or genes shifting from one chromosome to another, called a translocation, or many other genetic conditions that can create the unwanted issues of heart disease, diabetes, immune deficiencies, anxiety, insomnia, depression, ADHD, dementia, and many other poor health conditions.

Epigenetics – The Little-Known

Key To Optimum Health

Dr. Rick’s private health consulting service includes the application of the science of epigenetics, which can enhance the expression of his client’s DNA for optimum health, wellness, and peak performance.

This process is accomplished by Dr. Rick coaching his clients on how to create the proper epigenetic environment and behaviors, such as a personalized genetic-based balanced nutritional diet, customized vitamin supplementation, and exercise.

Applying The
New Discoveries of

Neurological Science

Dr. Rick’s proven protocol leads his clients through the extraordinary procedures of activating the brain’s neuroplasticity to create empowering neural networks that improve health, develop advanced emotional intelligence, enhance brain speed memory, and deliver transformational performance.

This new neurological science is the cutting-edge technology that can rewire the brain through brain plasticity, improving the speed and accuracy of the information that flows through the brain and enhancing the brain’s higher cognitive functions, like memory and problem-solving.  

This holistic, non-invasive brain optimization and stimulation are based on proven research in neurological science, which focuses on the brain and its impact on behavior and cognitive functions.

This amazing and life-changing process trains the brain to shift from the chronic and destructive fight-or-flight state into deep relaxation and rest, naturally restoring the parasympathetic balance, which is often needed to achieve mental, emotional, and physical harmony, which is the road to optimum health and an exceptional quality of life.

These and other holistic health modalities Dr. Rick’s clients discover during his private health consulting are the strategies needed to balance the body’s Electrical, Hormones, Liquids, Chemicals, and Frequencies

Throughout Dr. Rick’s educational health consulting process, his clients realize the underlying roots of their issues, and in so doing, they now know how to activate their bodies’ inner pharmacy to reclaim the homeostasis status necessary for vibrant, optimum health and wellness.

When utilizing Dr. Rick’s private health consulting services, a whole new world of hope and knowledge is delivered, positive creativity flourishes, and profound inner peace and peak performance emerge! 



    21st-Century Visionary

In addition, to Dr. Rick’s private health consulting services, he is
a leading 21st-century visionary, provocative thinker, and global entrepreneur and real estate investor whose professional success coaching does not come from academic theory but rather from his day-to-day business transactions. 

As such, he is current and in touch with the everyday challenges confronting everyone in today’s complex and uncertain marketplace.

In addition to being an active business executive leading his own businesses, he also has decades of extensive boardroom exposure by serving on many boards of directors.

In this capacity, he coaches the board to identify the business patterns that limit and restrict business growth.

His position on the board leads these companies to enhanced performance in the areas of strategy, innovation, marketing, and management.                                                             

Setting New Standards of Excellence

Dr. Rick continues to set new standards of excellence while expanding his successful career nationally and internationally.

His professional services include high-income entrepreneur coaching, motivational speaking, real estate investing training, and corporate consulting, along with conflict resolution in the area of marital, family, and professional relationships.                 

Advisor To High-Income

Often referred to as “The Best Coach,” Dr. Rick C. Ernst is a highly sought-after Behind-the-Scenes Success Coach Strategist.

Influential business leaders already at the pinnacle of success in their respective fields call on him to be their strategic advisor in orchestrating their master business plan.

He serves as their personal confidant coaching them in their business and critical personal decisions requiring creative options and a systematic evaluation of probabilities and consequences. 

The Three Main Capacities of

Dr. Rick’s Coaching:

CREATION – Focuses on wealth creation through high-income entrepreneurship, including transiting from millions to billions.

MULTIPLICATIONCenters on high-return investing and wealth management.

ASPIRATIONHighlights lifestyle, philanthropy, and legacy.

A valued component of Dr. Rick’s service to his clients is that he coaches them in both their personal matters and business decisions.

He serves as a mastermind to his clients and helps them to increase profits in their current activities, and guides them through setting specific goals for their future entrepreneurial endeavors. 

Once this has been accomplished, Dr. Rick then provides the strategic coaching necessary to achieve these objectives.   

When business reaction strategies are critical and effective entrepreneurial maneuvers are essential, high-profile individuals, professional athletes, and high-income entrepreneurs seek his insightful expertise, masterminding, and unparalleled success coaching. 

Crisis Situations

That requires the defusing or resolving of corporate and/or personal issues are part of Dr. Rick’s successful working relationships. 

These Coaching Services Are Especially Suitable For


•  Personal Confidant Services, Effective Decision-Making

•  An Executive Sounding Board, Prioritizing Time Management, Masterminding, And Strategy

•  Family Office And Wealth Management Solutions, Discretionary Investment Management

•  Doubling Income While Taking 120-150 Days Off Per Year

•  Sales And Marketing Restructuring, Replacing Yourself With Proper Team Building

•  Work Less – Outsource More, Making Money Without Daily Involvement

•  Becoming Free From The Daily Tasks Of Managing Businesses And/Or Investments

•  Conducting Psychological, Behavioral, And Temperament Assessments

•  Organization Of Thoughts, Materials, And Daily Routines

•  What It Really Takes To Become A Successful Delegator

•  Ability To Stay Focused, Follow Through, And Complete Tasks

•  Cope With Changes In Routine And Ability To Regulate Emotions

•  Personal Or Organizational Misappropriate Actions, Difficulties, Or Impasses

•  Corporate Acquisition And Buyouts, Partnership Disputes, Oversight In Negotiations

  •          – PERSONAL ISSUES

    •  Discovering True Happiness And Fulfillment Wealth Cannot Buy

    •  Emotional Issues /Healing

    •  Overcoming Living In Someone Else’s Shadow

    •  Discovering Your Unique Genius (Everyone Has One; Most People Never Discover It

    •  Discovering Your True Passion Or Fulfilling Your Unrealized Passion

    •  Overcoming The Issues of Married To A Spouse Who Is Affluent, a Celebrity, or Professional Icon

    •  Premarital/Pre-Divorce Coaching – Reinventing Yourself After Divorce

    •  Overcoming Wealth Guilt And Affluent Social Difficulties – Adults/Children

    •  Clarity – Discerning And Solving Deep-Rooted Issues

    •  Resolving Intergenerational Feuds And/or Poor Relationships

    •  Inspirational Family Meetings And Retreats

    •  Raising A Family With A Philanthropic Spirit

    •  Leadership Preparation And Transformation From One Generation To The Next

    •  Breaking Bad Or Unhealthy Habits – Overcoming Self-Sabotaging Relationships

    •  Overcoming Boredom, Lack Of Drive – Unleash Your Creativity – Finding Your Second Wind

    •  Success Beyond – High Achievement, Wealth, Fame, Influence, Personal Power

    •  Fulfillment, Joy, And Peace – Therapy Could Not Bring

    •  Dealing With The Rejection And Isolation, That Extreme Wealth Can Engender

    •  Appropriate Allocation Of Assets, Deciding How And When To Give

    •  Resolving The Special Personal Issues Of Both Male And Female (For Both Married And Unmarried) That Only The Affluent Encounter

    •  Personal Life Balance And Management

    •  Personal emotional issues and quandaries, severe family conflicts, predicaments and/or dysfunctional situations, family losses, accidents, deaths, suicides, other tragedies, devastation, or other catastrophe events.                                                                                                         

        Peak Performance In Record Time

    Dr. Rick C. Ernst’s strategic coaching and public speaking have guided business owners and entrepreneurs in achieving peak performance in record time. 

    Whether coaching a corporate entity, high-profile individual, high net worth entrepreneurial, or holding a seat on a board of advisers, he approaches all his coaching relationships with professional integrity, empathy, confidentiality, passion, and recognition of the companies and/or individual’s needs, values and priorities.

    Dr. Rick has directly impacted the lives of people around the world with his best-selling books, CDs, entrepreneur coaching, real estate investment coaching, speaking engagements, and live events.



        Background – History

    The career of Rick C. Ernst entails a wide variety of direct sales business management, life success coaching, and consulting experience.

    As a young man, he learned to sell in one of the best but most difficult training arenas, that of door-to-door encyclopedia sales.

    It was in this theater that he forged the grit and determination needed to succeed in the selling profession. Generating sale after sale became commonplace for him.

    Seeking to advance his career, he turned his attention to real estate, the area of land sales.


        Top Producer of Over 150 Salespeople

    In the mid-seventies, Rick started his real estate career in the land development business, where
    he became a top producer for a corporation of over 150 salespeople.

    After much success, Rick opened a residential real estate sales brokerage firm. 

    Here his personal production and that of his company broke all existing performance records. 

    This success formed the nucleus of his first top-selling book entitled Proven Listing Techniques.

    Over the following years, Rick’s real estate career experience expanded greatly by owning and marketing domestic and international resorts.

    His leadership contributed to the amazing total sell-out of an entire condominium resort in Vail, Colorado, in less than 18 months, as well as many other record-breaking sell-outs of resort condominium projects.

    Industry Record-Breaking

    Multi-Million Dollar Sell-Outs

    As an industry leader in the resort real estate field for over 22 years, Rick’s leadership of over 250 employees while serving as their Chief Executive Officer produced industry record-breaking, multi-million dollar sell-outs of condominium resort properties across the United States, Mexico, and throughout the Caribbean.

    In the world of resort real estate development, sales, and marketing, the words record-breaking and multi-million dollar sellout is synonymous with the name Rick C. Ernst.

    Award-Winning Consultant

    And Bestselling Author

    Not only has Rick achieved unparalleled success in the resort real estate industry, but he is also an award-winning corporate leader, consultant, and widely read author. Including his bestselling book Richer Life Secrets.

    Many corporations and franchises use his CDs and books as their training material.

    Rick has over 50 years of experience in direct selling, real estate, sales, and management training, public speaking, success coaching, and consulting.

    His speeches, books, and coaching have helped people around the world to improve their sales, develop their careers, build their companies, and increase their net worth.

    In addition, Rick’s counseling as an ordained minister has been instrumental in leading individuals, couples, and families to mend and/or improve their personal relationships and spiritual maturity.

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