Secrets To Real Estate Wealth

Using Dr. Rick C. Ernst’s No Money Down
Investing Techniques 
Taught At His Secrets To Real Estate Wealth Live Event.

ANYONE can become a Wealthy Real Estate Investor even with No Cash or Bad Credit

Here Is Proof It Works!


Earned From The Sale Of ONE Property!

That Was Purchased With
No Money Down and No Credit!

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                        Many people I have met through my success coaching and speaking engagements have remarked about the blessed and balanced life I am enjoying.

I’m always quick to share with them my life was not always this way.

Over the last 45+years, I have broken many sales records selling an array of different products and services.

I have been a top producer with a company of 150 salespeople in the land development business and have built several large and successful businesses, including owning and managing a resort development business that employed over 300 people.

In addition, my wife and I were able to purchase our dream home.

A seven-acre, waterfront gated Florida estate; fabulously landscaped with all the indoor and outdoor toys, including helicopter transportation from my own backyard across the city to my 20,000 square foot top floor office facility.

You could say we were living the life we always dreamed of.

However, through a unique set of circumstances, in less than nine months, I literally lost it all (I tell the whole story in the life-changing Richer Life Experience).

Yes, my business, my office, my home, and all of my possessions were gone!

To say the least, this was a very gut-wrenching time in my life. Not only did I lose all my income and possessions. 

But I also lost my self-confidence, my self-esteem, and my creativity.

Simple day-to-day tasks like having enough money for groceries became impossible challenges as I walked through life in a daze!

All I knew for sure was that I needed to make money fast. My wife encouraged me to start to buy and sell real estate again.

She suggested since I had massive success in real estate in the past, this should be our chosen vehicle to put us back on top again.

Even though I was armed with a supportive wife and my own self-appointed purpose and mission, my thoughts quickly turned to despair when it dawned on me that I needed LOTS of money or at least good credit (mine was shot) to get back into traditional real estate investing.

I began thinking of ways I could buy real estate with no money. My search led me to creative techniques that others had used in their real estate investing.

I quickly devoured any teachings I could find on the subject and soon discovered one very important thing.

I could vastly improve on these creative strategies by combining them with my own specialized investing techniques I had mastered over the years.

Combining both together, I produced a hybrid creative real estate investing model.

I named it “AIM,” which stands for . . .
Accelerated Income Model.

AIM” is a Revolutionary NEW investing model that uses the best strategies of creative investing coupled with my own proprietary investing techniques I had used in the past, which had produced millions of dollars in sales.

With “AIM,” my NEW hybrid real estate investing model in tow on a hot July day in Florida, even though I was flat broke and was driving a 13-year-old car with no air conditioning and none of the power windows would go down, I set a goal to make $100,000 in the next 12 months.

Don’t read past my $100,000 goal too fast.

When you are busted, $100,000 seems like a lot of money.

In a very short period of time using “AIM,” I was able to buy a house with No Money Down and then sold it 23 days later using the lease option technique.

This was my first creative real estate deal using my NEW hybrid investing model. “AIM” had worked great.

Here I am standing in front of the first

house I purchased

with No Money Down, using my

“AIM” system. 

In just a few days after acquiring this property using “AIM” (Accelerated Income Model) in combination with the lease option exit strategy, I pocketed $13,000.

By the way, the tenant/buyer GAVE me the $13,000 in CASH!

As long as I live, I will never forget that day. I was overjoyed when I got my hands on that $13,000.

Hey, when you’re not able to drive across town because you can’t put gas in the car, 13 GRAND seems like a lot of money; well, that’s where I was!

Using “AIM” as my guidepost, in less than 30 days, I bought TWO more houses with No Money Down.

I quickly sold them both, with the first one giving me $39,282.17 and the second one $24,054.00.

Here’s a picture of the second house I

purchased (No Money Down)

in my first 30 days using my “AIM” system.

It gave me $39,282.17.

Below is a picture of my third house purchased with . . . 

No Money Down.

On this one, I made $24,054 in my first 30 days using my “AIM” system.

It gets even better. About 60 days later, I did my fourth deal using “AIM.”

(see the house below). This one gave me $69,645.48.

Again, $69,645.48 was from selling just this one house which was a property I purchased with No Money Down using my “AIM” system.

A short time later, I purchased another property for $80,000 with No Money Down it was a 2 bedroom 1 bath 850 square foot house which was built in 1938. No repairs or landscaping was needed.

2 Bedroom, 1 Bath, 850 square feet.

About three weeks later, I sold this house for $144,200. The buyer gave me $5,000 cash as a down payment, and I agreed to take as trade a practically new 36-foot-long motor home fully equipped, including double push-outs.

The motor home appraised for $82,000 however, I only gave the buyer a credit towards the purchase price of the property of $63,500. The buyer attained a mortgage and paid the remaining balance of $77,600 at closing. 

This is what I received as payment for the 850-square-foot house I purchased with NO Money Down.

Not only was this a NO Money Down deal, but in addition, I never made one house payment or spent one cent on improvements or repairs.

The numbers look like this: I received $5,000 as a down payment, $3,034 at closing, that’s $8,034, plus I received an $82,000 – 36 foot motor home.

Some would ask, is this a normal real estate transaction? Of course not; why do you think we call what we do . . . “Creative Real Estate Investing.”

Here I am standing in front of the motor home.

I received a partial down payment for the property mentioned above.

Good looking, huh? . . . I mean, the motor home 🙂


It All Added Up To $718,642.58

Well, from there, I just kept using “AIM” to buy more and more properties with No Money Down, and each month my checks got bigger and bigger.

At the end of my first twelve months using “AIM,” my NEW and improved hybrid investing model, all my checks added up to $718,642.58, far exceeding my goal of $100,000.

Remember, I did it buying all of the properties with No Money Down, even with BAD CREDIT!

If you would like to see copies of some of my checks

I have accumulated using my AIM system Click Here

The New Accelerated Income Model

Many people ask me how I could eclipse what other investors had done by such a large margin. Well, for sure, I was motivated to get back on top again (are you?)

But what really propelled me to such a fast stellar income was the NEW hybrid creative real estate investing model I created.

When I put “AIM” (Accelerated Income Model) to the test,
it worked in a big way.

By making adjustments to strategies that were being taught by others, I took my own investing strategies I had previously used and created a revolutionary NEW and improved investing model, which not only Accelerated the income flow it also greatly Increased the Profit Margins on each property.

Let me ask you a question. Would you like to know how to use “AIM,” my revolutionary NEW and improved investing model, to buy properties with No Money Down, using NO Credit and NO Bank loans, and then sell them quickly for a large profit?

That is why I have created a unique, one-of-a-kind, life-enriching seminar and coaching program with a fresh, NEW Approach that Simplifies and Lowers the Learning Curve, which produces Fast Results.

This program consists of two dynamic components. First is the Secrets To Real Estate Wealth – Live Event, which delivers the most comprehensive, effective, creative real estate investing curriculum.

During this seminar, you will learn everything you need to know for your real estate investing career, including buying, selling, and asset protection.

The second dynamic component is entitled Creative Real Estate Coaching.

This program consists of a 2-day seminar conducted every 6 months, 3 one-hour conference calls each month, as well as on-demand email support.

Both of these components are independently structured to stand alone. Therefore, it is not necessary to complete one before beginning the other.

In the Secrets To Real Estate Wealth – Live Event, you will learn how to engage my NEW AIM system to become a successful real estate investor, AND you can choose to invest either full or part-time as it only takes about 10 hours per week to get started.

This means anyone with a full-time job can fit real estate investing into their life.

At the Secrets To Real Estate Wealth Live Event, I will show you exactly how easy it is to use “AIM” to buy and sell real estate with No Money Down and without using any of your own Credit.

I will teach you step-by-step the insider secrets of using my NEW and Improved creative investing model.

Once you know how to use “AIM,” you’ll have all the Strategies and No Money Down Techniques needed to create Unlimited Wealth for yourself.

Step-By-Step Directions

If you have the desire to succeed and the ability to follow simple step-by-step directions, the success coaching and seminar training you will receive in this program can give you the life of your dreams in a very short period of time.

    • Would you like . . . to know the SECRETS of how to buy real estate with No Money Down, even with BAD Credit, and quickly earn BIG Profits?
    • Would you like . . . to attend a life-changing creative real estate investing Live Event that can provide you with the experience, success coaching, and support to lead you to financial independence and fulfillment in all areas of your life.
    • Would you like . . . to be enrolled in an ongoing, monthly creative real estate investing coaching program that includes a 2-day round table seminar conducted every six months to support and keep you current as a creative real estate investor.
    • Would you like . . . to become your own boss and quit trading your life for a small paycheck each week.

If so, this Creative Real Estate Coaching Program is what you have been looking for and waiting for, regardless of age, sex, race, and even financial condition or bad credit.

Now YOU can take the proven path to become a successful creative real estate investor. 

I invite you to enroll in this live event NOW and take this positive step towards getting the life you really want.

I’m looking forward to meeting you in person and congratulating you on your wise decision to participate in this exciting, life-changing program.

Rick C. Ernst, Ph.D.

At last, you can learn the secrets to becoming a wealthy real estate investor even if you have no cash or even bad credit and never worry about your J-O-B again!

In today’s business and economic climate, people are wanting or being forced to make multiple career changes. Some due to the right sizing, downsizing, or even the capsizing of their employers.

In addition, many are seeking to leave the corporate rat race to enjoy the liberty of becoming their own boss and finally being financially rewarded for what they are worth.

At the Secrets To Real Estate Wealth Live Event, you can start to make your dreams a reality by learning how to be a successful real estate investor.

Now you can learn how to buy and sell single-family homes from a proven success coach who routinely has multiple closings per month, earning $25,000, $30,000, $50,000, and even over $100,000 per real estate transaction. You can even do this with NO Cash or even Bad Credit!

At the Secrets To Real Estate Wealth Live Event, you are entitled to the benefit of valuable personalized coaching with Dr. Rick C. Ernst, who has over 45 years of experience in investing and selling residential properties nationwide as well as international multi-million dollar commercial real estate transactions.

As a seminar attendee, you will benefit from an easy-to-understand, step-by-step curriculum that contains DR. Rick’s years of experience and expertise.

His AIM system, taught at the Secrets To Real Estate Wealth Live Event, will empower anyone, regardless of their experience, age, sex, financial condition, or even bad credit, to create a life of their dreams.

DR. Rick will reveal to you his most coveted secrets honed over decades of testing and retesting for purchasing, with No Money Down, single-family homes using the techniques of short sales, foreclosures, subject to purchases, and many others incorporated in his AIM system.

One thing is for sure, the personalized coaching you will receive at the Secrets To Real Estate Wealth Live Event will definitely accelerate your learning and, even more exciting . . . your Earning Potential.

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This 12 Lesson Curriculum Includes:

Learning The Language Of Real Estate Investing

Understanding the Real Estate language and how to use the right words at just the right time.

Before attending a Secrets To Real Estate Wealth Seminar, many people who have attempted to learn Real Estate Investing through other courses or teachers have found themselves quickly becoming lost, confused and overwhelmed from the very beginning.

The reason for this is almost without exception, other Real Estate training programs, as ridiculous as it sounds, leave out this crucial introductory lesson that we call Learning the language of Real Estate Investing.

The understanding of this fundamental lesson will position and posture you to rapidly move through the other lessons with assurance and ease.

Common Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make

The most professional way to learn anything, which of course would include the world of Real Estate Investing is through OPE (Other People’s Experience).

By participating in this program, you will NOT have to learn through trial and error or experience the pitfalls, expensive, even catastrophic mistakes that most Real Estate
Investors make.

Understanding The Fundamentals Of Real Estate Financing

-In this lesson the Fundamentals of Real Estate Financing are presented in an easy to understand format where each area of real estate financing is dissected for you piece by piece.

Here we will cover everything in Real Estate Financing you will to need know to become a successful investor including many of the different financial situations that occur with
residential financing.

This insightful material will prepare the beginner as well as sharpen the professional edge of the most seasoned investor.

Learning The Mechanics Of Real Estate Investing -

In this lesson we coach you through the simple process of understanding the actual mechanics of real estate investing, segregating and explaining each of
the components necessary to conduct the process of buying and selling residential properties.

Topics include: Understanding Real and Personal Property, Bundle of Rights, Property Limitations, Easements, Zoning Laws, Code Enforcement, Encumbrances, Leasehold Estates, Tenants By Severancy, Tenants In Common, Joint Tenancy, Trusts, Equitable Title, Title Insurance, Deeds, Installment Land Contracts and many others.

This valuable information and insightful teaching
will give you a HUGE professional advantage.

The wisdom of this lesson will empower you with the ability to know how to orchestrate and many times even construct profitable real estate transactions where others without this knowledge would miss the mark and the money.

Subject – To
In lesson 5 you will learn the amazing SECRETS to acquiring real estate with as little as $10.00 by taking over a loan without assuming it or becoming personally liable.

This technique is one of the most lucrative and financially rewarding investment strategies you will ever learn.

In short Subject-To is a wonderful and perfectly legal strategy that allows you to buy property by taking over payments on another person’s mortgage.

This means that you don’t have to qualify for or get a new loan whenever you buy property this way; all you do is act like the existing mortgage is yours, and make the payment.

This is a great investment strategy for lots of reasons, not the least of which is, your credit score is not an issue. If you have any credit challenges that might prevent you from getting real estate loans, you will still be able to invest in real estate, because the Subject-To strategy makes it unnecessary to use your own credit.

Lease Option

In this lesson we will coach you on using a wealth building technique called
Lease Option.

This investment strategy provides
similar benefits to the Subject-To,
but there are some critical differences.

In fact, there are clear rules for when to use one versus the other, and violating those rules can cause significant legal difficulty.

All of this is all explained in great detail in
this lesson.

The Lease Option exit strategy is one of the most profitable techniques you can use for properties you have acquired using the Subject-To method.

Short Sales-

In this lesson we coach you on a real money making technique where you will learn to negotiate and purchase properties directly from financial institutions for pennies on the dollar using NONE of your own money.

Many would-be Real Estate investors have heard of the Short Sale technique but very few know the ins and outs of how to execute it successfully.

In lesson 7 we take you step-by-step and reveal to you this little known method that can generate BIG profits almost instantly.

A short sale is when a lender accepts a discount on a mortgage. Instead of buying from a seller, you are purchasing the property directly from the lender for a discount.

The greatest part about this real estate investment strategy is that it can be used anywhere throughout the United States. You must know this technique if you want to be competitive in today’s market.

With foreclosures at an all time high and more and more home owners facing foreclosure, opportunities for real estate Short Sale investing have become tremendous.

Wholesaling Real Estate

In lesson 8 you will learn to make Quick BIG profits without purchasing
properties yourself.

-This secret weapon will have beginning and seasoned investors alike making BIG money very quickly!

$10,000, $15,000 and $20,000 dollars PROFIT in JUST a matter of days are not uncommon.

As someone who has an interest in real estate investing, surely you have heard about buying properties, fixing them up (rehabbing) and reselling them.

While that is a way to make money, it does take a combination of cash, credit and risk.

In this incredible lesson we coach you on how to make realistic profits WITHOUT doing any of the above INCLUDING taking ANY of the RISKS.

Using our proven marketing methods you will learn how to find properties in need of repair. In addition we will show you how to have other investors contacting you as potential buyers for these properties.

Your next step is to assign the contract you negotiated with the homeowner to another investor who enjoys rehabbing.

Using this technique you will receive an assignment fee for whatever amount you have negotiated. Typically, somewhere between $10,000 and $20,000.

As you will discover in this lesson you are not taking title to a property and thus have NO need for cash or credit.

All you need is $10 for an Earnest Money Deposit, or perhaps $100 for a purchase option and a small amount of money for business cards, small classified ads and a few rolls of stamps.

Using the Wholesaling technique is, without a doubt, the method with the least amount of risk and yet delivers one of the fastest profits.

Understanding The Foreclosure Process

-According to the Mortgage Brokers Association the total Real Estate Foreclosures nationwide have grown every year for over 20 years.

A high percentage of U.S homeowners are falling behind on their monthly house payments and record numbers are facing foreclosure.

Experts are predicting that this year alone foreclosures in the US nationwide will exceed 2,000,000 and up to 5,000,000.

All of this creates a tremendous opportunity for the properly trained real
estate investor.

Many wanna-be investors have heard of the foreclosure process but few really understand it and subsequently are NOT able to tap into the BIG hidden profits this opportunity presents.

In this lesson we will coach you on the complete procedure of understanding the entire foreclosure process and how to buy foreclosures at BIG discounts with No Money Down delivering to you BIG profits.

This lesson consists of detailed and easy to understand step-by-step instructions with many illustrations and examples including:

Understanding The Foreclosure Process

    • Basic Process Explained
    • Mortgages
    • Trust Deeds
    • Judicial vs. Non-Judicial Methods of Foreclosure
    • Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
    • Rights of Redemption

How To Locate Bank Foreclosures

  • Where to Look for Foreclosure Properties
  • Where to Find Bank Foreclosures
  • Capitalizing on Legal Notices
  • Using Reporting Services & Listing Publications
  • Understanding How to Use and Profit From Courthouse Records
  • Using On-line Foreclosure Services

Buying Pre-Foreclosures With No
Money Down

  • Proven Step-by-Step Methods
  • Locating Properties in Default
  • Methods for Getting the Homeowner to Contact You
  • Preparing Your Offer
  • Presenting Your Offer
  • Completing the Purchase Agreement
  • Understanding the Necessary Forms to Be Used in the Foreclosure Process and How to Complete Them

Lesson 9 includes all the forms and paperwork necessary to buy foreclosure properties with No Money Down.

In addition you will receive our invaluable Property Evaluation Worksheets, Property Owner Questionnaires, Inspection Checklists and much much more!


One of the areas most real estate investing curriculums fall short is, they do not teach the marketing methods needed to find the right kind of properties or if they do their teachings are not up-to-date and applicable in today’s current market place.

Therefore, many would-be successful investors cannot find a significant number of properties which can be purchased with No Money Down and deliver BIG profits allowing them to transition to the status of full time real estate investors.

In this lesson you will learn many of the big profits are in working with motivated sellers. Here we will coach you on many methods which will have lots of sellers eagerly calling you and little known techniques that will instantly determine if a seller is really motivated to sell.

Lesson 10 includes examples of newspaper ads, business cards, fliers, direct mail letters and our proven marketing procedures for low, medium and high budgets.

Here you will be coached on every marketing method you will need to know including such techniques as, TV and Radio commercials and proven direct mail strategies.

You will also receive Dr. Rick C. Ernst’s secret way of using a low cost buying referral system which will have tons of motivated sellers calling you and much, much more.


This lesson will coach you on how to establish and execute the proper exit strategies on the properties you have acquired with No Money Down, producing maximum profits in the shortest amount of time.

This insightful and lucrative lesson is a MUST KNOW for the successful investor. It’s a proven FACT that without these remarketing secrets real estate investors fall short and many even fail.

One of the great stumbling blocks to would-be successful investors is their inability to convert the properties they have acquired with No Money Down into quick BIG profits.

As your Success Coach one of the many success principles you will learn from DR. Rick C. Ernst is,

Time is what we have and
wisdom is how we use it


As a Richer Life Real Estate Investor you will learn how to incorporate the Dr. Rick’s Automated Selling System into your remarketing efforts which will give you the liberty and freedom to spend your time as you choose.

In lesson 11 Dr. Rick reveals to you, in minute detail, his proven remarketing Automated Selling System which includes Rick’s secret, low cost advertising methods.

This low cost advertising system will have ALL the prospective buyers you need calling your 24 hour recorded message that will make all of your sales presentations for you (DR. Rick’s proven word-for-word written script is included in this lesson).

In addition, the DR. Rick’s Automated Selling System automatically screens, qualifies and even takes your prospects to the point where they have viewed the property(s) and have even completed a purchase application and faxed it to you.

All without you or anyone else ever having to meet or make any sales presentations.

Utilizing Rick’s Automated Selling System will definitely give you a more professional and reputable presence with your potential buyers resulting in lower marketing costs and a much higher success rate.

What’s amazing is this low cost automated system can be implemented in just a few hours.

It’s so POWERFUL, once in action you can sell your properties in days instead of months earning BIG PROFITS $$$.

Just imagine, selling your properties through The DR. Rick’s Automated Selling System that works for you 7 days a week, 365 days a year even while you’re resting, traveling, vacationing, spending time with your family or best of all, simply enjoying the DAILY activities of living the Richer Life.

1031 Exchange And Buying Real Estate With Your Roth IRA

-Lesson thirteen provides an understanding of the IRC 1031 exchange. With a properly structured 1031 exchange a real estate investor can sell a property and reinvest the proceeds in a new property and defer all capital gain taxes.

Knowing how to use this investment strategy is a must in
order for you to be able to take advantage of these great tax benefits.

IRC 1031 (a)(1) states: “No gain or loss shall be recognized on the exchange of property held for productive use in a trade or business or for investment, if such property is exchanged solely for property of like-kind which is to be held either for productive use in a trade or business or for investment.”

Legal Entity Structuring 

Lesson 13 provides an overview of the legal entities and their characteristics as well as how to create, maintain and use each one of them.

This lesson takes what can be a very complicated subject and breaks down each legal entity step-by-step into easy to understand terms, language and application.

The entities covered are:


Limited Liability Company (LLC), C Corporation, S Corporation, Limited Partnerships, Estate Planning and Using Trusts.

Once you understand each of these legal entitles you will know how to use them alone and/or together to achieve the maximum asset protection and tax savings benefits.

When it comes to knowing how and when to use the right legal entitles, What You Don’t Know, Could Cost You A Fortune!

Using Land And Personal
Property Trusts

In lesson 14 we will coach you on using Land and Personal Property Trusts. You will learn the secrets of using these trusts for privacy, anonymity and asset protection.

For the most part, these kinds of trusts are only used by the super wealthy, that’s why even most attorneys do not know about or how to use them.

When used properly they will give you Maximum Asset Protection and Total Financial Privacy so can you always keep your assets away from prying eyes.

For hundreds of years trusts have been used by the wealthy and wise. Now you too can use these same exciting investing techniques.

When used properly, the land trust technique also circumvents the lender’s ‘Due on sale clause’ and at the same time camouflages your assets.

Here we coach you how to use this amazingly powerful real estate investing tool to acquire and hold real property. We will take you by the hand and walk you though the whole process of understanding the complication of using trusts.

This lesson makes understanding trusts easy.

You will learn: how to avoid being a target of lawsuits, how to avoid probate, how to protect your assets, how to avoid losing your assets if someone does get a judgment against you, how to protect your vehicles, stocks, bonds, jewelry and all of your other investments.

Our coaching will teach you exactly when and how to use trusts. Of course we cover the all the fundamentals of using trusts but in this lesson we go far beyond the basics, even seasoned investors will learn advanced strategies about using trusts that will definitely change the way they buy and sell real estate as well as how to execute and why personal property should always be in a trust.

Included in this lesson are all the written materials and sample documents (Land and Personal Property Trust) you will need.

In reviewing your own financial circumstances, does it seem like you have reached a plateau in your -life? Are you and your family living life at just a comfortable or OK level?

Are others driving the kind of car you would really like to drive? Are they taking more and better vacations than you? Overall, do they seem to have more money to spend?

If your answers are YES YES YES, then this would indicate that you are ready to move your life up to a higher financial level.

This can certainly be achieved through buying real estate with NO MONEY DOWN, NO BANK LOANS, and even with BAD CREDIT.

Now you can easily learn to become a successful real estate investor at the Secrets To Real Estate Wealth Live Event.

Register for this Live Event NOW, and you will soon learn how to buy and sell single-family homes from a proven success coach who routinely has multiple closings per month, earning . . .



$50,000, and even over

$100,000 per real estate transaction.