Endorsements and Appearances

It’s a proven fact that securing celebrity and expert endorsements and appearances is certainly a quantum leap in creating successful branding and marketing campaigns.

A celebrity appearance can generate thousands of dollars of free publicity and goodwill for your company’s event and will do wonders toward making your event a success in the eyes of your guests.

The truth is when it comes to celebrities and experts, their attendance and presence certainly add buzz and excitement to any corporate event or social function.

Having Dr. Rick C. Ernst endorse your product or service and/or appear at your company’s offices or at your gala corporate event is a sure way to boost your employee morale.

In addition, an endorsement or corporate appearance by Dr. Rick C. Ernst is also a guaranteed way of branding your company as a successful one.

All fees are quoted on an individual basis. The two types of fees are Flat Fees (FF) and Percentage Fees (PF). The “FF” for Dr. Rick C. Ernst’s endorsements and appearances range from $15,000 up to $300,000. The “PF” is calculated as a percentage of gross sales volume.

All fees are subject to availability, type of endorsement and use, the exclusivity of product or service, travel and/or appearance time required, and time period of endorsement. 

A special professional courtesy discount is available to USA Universities and Non-Profit organizations for any of the services below:

Dr. Rick C. Ernst Is Available For The Following

Types Of Endorsements And Appearances.

  • 28.5 Minute Infomercial Product Spokesman
  • 15, 30, and 60 Seconds TV Commercial Product Endorsement
  • Courtroom Expert Witness/Consultant – Areas of Expertise: Success Coaching and Consulting, Professional Public Speaking, Corporate Sales and Management, High-End Income Entrepreneurship, Direct Selling and Marketing, Real Estate: Land Development, Residential Sales Brokerage, and Resort Timeshare Ownership
  • VIP Meet and Greets
  • Keynote Speeches – For Speaking Engagements,  click here
  • Special Guest or Expert Appearance – Participating In Round Table or Being Part of a Group Panel For Debate or Discussion. Appropriate For Convention, Corporate Meeting, or Joining Your Management Team For a Corporate Outings of Retreat. For Fee Schedule Purposes, These Group Participating Services Are Not Considered Public Speaking. For Speaking Engagements, click here
  • Personal Appearance For Your Private or Corporate Dinner or Holiday Party or Celebration
  • University and Graduation Speaker – For Speaking Engagements,  click here
  • Personal Appearance and/or Autograph Book Signing and Photo Opportunity For Your Business, Restaurant, Franchisee, Country or Social Club, Grand Openings, or Special Event (at your request, you may pre-ordered books with volume discounts)

* Dr. Rick C. Ernst does not endorse or appear at grand openings or celebrations of nightclubs, banks, or financial institutions or endorse fast food, soft or alcoholic beverages, or any kind of tobacco products.

* Some endorsement contractual arrangements for certain products or services may be exclusive, therefore rejection or refusal of your product or service from Dr. Rick C. Ernst should not be interpreted as a personal refusal or dislike of your invitation for his endorsement.

For more information about Dr. Rick C. Ernst’s endorsements and appearances click here