Equity Participation Coaching

An Invitation From Dr. Rick C. Ernst . . .

Starting a few years ago, as my clients were experiencing my coaching strategies working for them, more and more, they were bringing me offers to become a partner in their companies.

It was really then that I started focusing my coaching practice and attention on Equity Participation Coaching and investments, private equity, and mergers and acquisitions.

Today, other than our short-term consulting assignments and our Platinum Membership (which is an exclusive group coaching opportunity for high-income entrepreneurs and business leaders and limited to one hundred members worldwide), almost all my coaching services are with clients through our Equity Participation Coaching.

This transition has moved me from selling my coaching services (proven success strategies and information) to becoming a partner and owning a part of the businesses I coach.

With our Equity Participation Coaching, we devise and work on groundbreaking new structures for private equity transactions and innovative funding.

Our global private equity team understands the dynamics of today’s private equity marketplace and what financial investors need for successful deal execution.

Our Equity Participation Coaching offers a ‘one-stop-shop’ through our integrated team of partners equipped for all aspects of domestic and international business transactions, including financing, licensing, marketing, legal, taxes, insurance, contracts, and management compensation and incentives.

We are open to offers for our Equity Participation Coaching in the major business regions of North America, Europe, and Asia, as well as a number of other individual countries throughout the Caribbean.


How Our Equity Participation Coaching Works 

A good partnership requires a shared vision and goals, open communication, mutual respect, and a simple structure. Having interviewed many prospective partners, we have found the following three-step process works very well. 


Step 1 – Opportunity Conference Call Evaluation

The process starts with a no-fee one-hour Conference Call. During this time, we can determine if the chemistry is right between us. If we both agree it is, we will send you a signed non-disclosure agreement and ask you to send us some basic information about your company.

We will evaluate the opportunity for you to become one of our Equity Participation Coaching clients and will let you know our decision promptly. If the answer is “Yes,” we will arrange a time to meet
with you.


Step 2 – Meet And Discuss

We will invest a few days in getting to know you and learning more about your company. Naturally, you will have questions for us.

After understanding your company, we will explain how our coaching can expand, rightsize, downsize, re-engineer what you already do or know, increase sales, and build a winning record of accomplishment, which overall will make your company worth more than it is today.

We will then give you full details of how long it will take and what we will consider in order to accept your company as an Equity Participation Coaching Client Partner.

During our meeting, you should be prepared to explain your business plan, what you expect the business to be worth in a few years and why, and what you want from us as your coaching partner.


Step 3 – Agreement and Documents

If we accept your offer, we will have our legal team move quickly to prepare the documentation and close the transaction.


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