In today’s marketplace, joint ventures have changed the way leading companies do business to attain increased profits. We are continually looking to increase our service to others and create solutions and services which have a positive impact.

We are open to collaborative and forming partnerships with both national and international
partners of For-Profit companies and Nonprofit organizations.

Every month we receive numerous requests to work with Dr. Rick C. Ernst in some capacity.
When we proactively combine forces with others, we seek partners that are fully aligned with
our core values. See our view.

As a partner, we bring decades of extensive knowledge and experience, business acumen, an extensive network of worldwide connections, ability to build a strong customer/consumer base
and bring in new clientele to maximize sales and increase profitability, a big thinking entrepreneurial
vision, fortitude, and many times even funding.

We work well with partners who also believe in and deliver value-added results, continuous improvement, teamwork, creativity, trust, loyalty, honesty, and integrity. If you are interested in partnering with us to learn more please choose from below:

For Joint Ventures.

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