In Person Consulting


Influential Business Leaders

And Entrepreneurs

In Person Consulting is for those companies or influential business leaders and entrepreneurs who would like to meet Dr. Rick C. Ernst in person and receive a thorough assessment of their business ideals, challenges, plans and/or marketing.

Dr. Rick C. Ernst is a leading 21st century visionary, provocative thinker and global entrepreneur and businessman whose professional coaching does not come from academic theory but rather, from his day-to-day business transactions.

As such, he is current and in touch with the everyday challenges confronting everyone in today’s marketplace.

He has decades of extensive boardroom exposure by servicing on many advisory boards.

In this capacity, he coaches the board to identify and overcome the business patterns that limit and restrict business growth.

His position on the board enables him to lead these companies to enhanced performance in the areas of strategy, innovation, marketing, and management.

One-On-One Consultation

During your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Rick C. Ernst, you will receive this expert level of coaching which will position you to conquer the challenges you are facing.

You will be systematically coached to implement proven industry best practices to increase your success and profits.

The In Person Consulting with Dr. Rick C. Ernst for corporate or personal session consists of six hours between Noon and 6:00 PM.

No sessions booked in the months of August or December.

This service is only available in Orlando Florida; during the first three weeks of the month, on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Please allow for forty-five to sixty day advanced scheduling.

To position Dr. Rick C. Ernst to deliver the highest level service to you doing your consultation with him a high-degree of preparation is required from you.

At no extra expense to you one of our business adviser team members will guild you though this comprehensive process.

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