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Dr. Rick C. Ernst is a human-engineering and relationship specialist educated in the areas of psychological, behavioral and temperament analysis. He is the author of many books including
the bestselling book Richer Life Secrets. He is a dynamite, high-energy very charismatic speaker
who will inform and entertain your people.

His presentations always include high-content, through carefully customized humorous presentations designed to meet each client’s specific needs. His speaking services include: After Dinner Speeches, Convention Keynote Address, Half-Day, or Full Day Seminars.

The career of Dr. Rick C. Ernst entails a wide variety of experience including direct sales, business management, success coaching, and corporate consulting as well as servicing on many board
of directors.

Through his many business ownerships including a progressive and very profitable private equity group, he continues to set new standards of excellence while expanding his interests and business active nationally and internationally.

He is not a speaker that talks about the theory of success he’s in touch with the everyday challenges confronting everyone in today’s market place. As an active business executive with decades of
extensive boardroom exposure, when speaking before your group, he will be sharing his own
actual personal experiences, delivering to your people tried and tested proven success principles.

His speaking style is fast-paced, entertaining, and inspiring. During his presentation, your group will
inspired and motivated to achieve greater success. He will provide your people with the tools necessary to meet challenges, adapt to change, shape perspectives and solve problems. He not only shows people what to do; but also, as one of the world’s leading success coaches, he teaches people how-to-think.

Positive and profound changes are the result when your employees, managers, members or leaders experience the wit and wisdom of Dr. Rick C. Ernst. His engaging, thought-provoking, humorous speaking will leave your conference or meeting participants energized and excited about the life-changing material they have received.

If you want a professional speaker who offers consistent excellence with a track record of standing ovations, then call on Dr. Rick C. Ernst for your next meeting, conference, or seminar. 

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