Our View

Our View Of The Richer Life

The Richer Life is a consciousness of humility and service to others in unison with the ongoing pursuit of obtaining and maintaining balanced and abundantly fulfilled relationships, possessions and esteem in every area of my life.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide unparalleled service thorugh success coaching and live events. We serve the personal and business needs of influential business leaders, and high net worth entrepreneurs.

Our Service

We provide unparalleled success coaching and live events which equip entrepreneurs and enable companies to rapidly reach their objectives and multiply their success and net worth.

Our service empowers people with the knowledge, skills, and ability to achieve maximum health, fulfilling relationships, outstanding personal performance, excellent entrepreneurship, and success in the areas of personal growth, profitable business principles and leadership as well
as creative real estate investing.

Our Seven Guiding Principles

1. Integrity is the cornerstone of our business practice. We will conduct our affairs in a manner consistent with the highest ethical standards.

2. By being sensitive to our customer and client needs, our organization develops high quality, one-of-a-kind, personal growth and business development products, live events and success coaching services.

3. Our team have synergistically aligned their attitudes in a spirit of commitment, integrity, quality, openness, innovation, involvement, responsibility, and accountability.

4. Our corporate leaders are self-disciplined and are continually striving to be a product of our products.

Each individual has purposed to pay close attention to detail, clearly communicate intention and expectation, make and meet commitments, encourage the growth of subordinates and conduct all business with uncompromising professionalism.

5. Our corporate environment is free from smoking, profanity and tardiness, producing a cooperative atmosphere in which people can excel, based on shared values.

Our company is committed to recruiting and retaining top quality people. We recognize personal achievement by rewarding outstanding performance.

It is our desire to make all promotions from within our organization whenever possible.

6. Our organization is out in front, leading the way in our industry.
We are a ‘results’ oriented company who listens to our customers and clients positioning us to provide unequaled service.

7. Profitability is our watchword. We realize we cannot serve others without first earning a profit. Thus, profitable growth is not only expected, it is required to fulfill our company’s mission statement.

Our Interdisciplinary Focus

The boundaries of traditional academic disciplines quickly blur in today’s complex real world digital marketing and business transactions.

However, our interdisciplinary focus on being a global coaching company providing, intelligent answers and experienced advice facilitating critical personal and business issues being faced by our clients.

This has lead us to understand the most important issues people face today, cannot be addressed or solved with the thoughts of only one discipline, but require the integration of knowledge from many. 

Therefore our innovative coaching has a strong interdisciplinary focus that enhances, complements, and supports the traditional academic business disciplines while offering the benefits of an interdisciplinary approach to important issues. 

We bring to our clients a worldview that considers, combines, and applies knowledge, principles and techniques from real world interpersonal relationships and an assortment of umerous disciplines. 

This interdisciplinary approach with our clients enhances masterminding and has constantly delivered to our clients a deeper understanding of the issues at hand as well as, faster start-ups, successful rightsizing, downsizing, and reengineering.

This proficient level of coaching allows our clients to navigate through today’s multifaceted business transactions as influential decision-makers and respected business leaders and entrepreneurs but most importantly this approach delivers quicker and increased profits. 

Our Product Development

The Coaching Institute develops products and services which convey an understanding of success concepts, business principles, and professional connections that bridge the gap between theory and success achievement.

We enjoy and are willing to reflect upon the cutting-edge thinking from both academia and real life practice.

However, in order to be adopted as part of our many coaching services and/or live event curriculums.

The proposed ideas or methods need to be of such, that people can systematic employ the principles and quickly make a life changing application to both their personal and professional lives.

Our View of Leadership

Leadership is the ability to establish and ManageCreative Climate where people are Self-Motivated toward the successful Achievementof long term constructive Goals in an environment
of Mutual Respect compatible with personal Values

Manage – The Ability To Develop People, While Achieving Profits And Having Fun

Creative Climate – Atmosphere For Action

Self-Motivation – To Move Towards Your Goals On Your Own

Achievement – Result Of Accomplishing Your Goals

Goals – Desired End Results

Mutual Respect – Acknowledgement Of Other’s Views And Opinions

Values – The Accepted Principles Or Standards Of An Individual
Or A Group

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Dr. Rick C. Ernst