Passion, Purpose and Destiny



Knowing Your Passion, Purpose And Destiny Is The Difference

Between Making A Living And Making A Life.
                                                            – Dr. Rick C. Ernst 

To discover your passion, purpose and destiny you must first learn to become more aware of yourself. To be more aware you must set aside the time to stop running through life and take time to answer life’s most important questions.

At times you may feel you are just another person on a crowded planet, struggling to fill the space between birth and death?

Most people have never taken the time to ask themselves, “Who am I?”

What Is Necessary To Change A Person

Is To Change His Awareness Of Himself. 

                 – Abraham H. Maslow 

To discover who you where meant to be and to find and/or create your life’s work,
even if it is entirely different from what you have done most of your life, will bring
more happiness, peace of mind and more financial rewards than any other
single action 
you can take.

You Can Live A Lifetime And At The End Of It,

Know More About Other People Than You Know About Yourself.

                                              – Beryl Markham


rlcarmMost people live their lives by unconsciously living each day engaging in unproductive habits. These habits keep them stuck in patterns that limit their finances, experiences, pleasures and rewards in life.

At the Passion, Purpose and Destiny live event Dr. Rick C. Ernst will show you how to detect these patterns of which you were previously unconscious. Once you have discovered your patterns you can
then choose to think and act differently about them. With this new awareness and self knowledge comes choice, and with choice, you
can always gain freedom.

 Self-Knowledge Is The Great Power By Which 

We Comprehend And Control Our Lives. 

                                      – Vernon Howard

Passion, Purpose and Destiny is an experiential 3-day live event designed to create a safe insightful atmosphere for participants.
This event uses a series of demonstrations and fast-paced drills
to help you discover your personal passion, purpose and destiny.

This personal growth event is uniquely designed so that each participant receives exactly what they need
in their individual lives, relationships and careers.

If you know in your heart that you were put on earth for more than getting up everyday, going to work, coming home and repeating the same routine day-after-day then this event is exactly what you are
looking for:

• If you don’t feel peaceful inside

• If it seems like you can never get ahead

• If you have the feeling that there has to be more to life than this

• If you continuously ask questions about the meaning of life

• If you are plagued by unrest and uncertainty

• If life hurts

• If you feel unhappy about choices you have made in life

• If you have reached a junction in life and don’t know which direction to turn

• If you feel over-worked and bad-tempered, even while you seem to have
everything to be happy

• If you feel your life is filled with all kinds of things you don’t really like

• If you are not doing what you would like to do to make money

• If you need direction in your life

• If you are ready for a major change

• If you feel it is time for you to assess your personal situation and explore
new possibilities

• If you know it is time to get in touch with who you really are and ask yourself
what you were meant to be

If some or all of this sounds familiar, then you are like most people and have not yet found the passion, purpose and destiny of your life and this event is for you.


The Passion, Purpose And Destiny Live Event

will Help You To Answer Such Questions As:

• How shall I live my life?

• What is my true calling?

• What do I want out of life?

• What is happiness for me?

• Who do I love?

• Who needs me to love them?

• Why am I here on earth?


Passion, Purpose And Destiny Is For You If You Are Ready To:

Reactivate – the dreamer in you

Rediscover – the passion in you

Reignite – the purpose in you

Reposition – yourself for your success destiny


If You Are Ready To Recapture Your Life . . .

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