Frequently Asked Questions


What Is Platinum Membership Coaching?

Bestselling Author of Richer life Secrets, Speaker and success Coach, Dr. Rick C. Ernst has
specifically designed this revolutionary coaching program entitled Platinum Membership as an exclusive opportunity limited to one hundred entrepreneurs worldwide who are ready to live life
at a level very few ever imagine much less attain.

During this coaching program Dr. Rick C. Ernst will deliver the highest level of personalized attention
which will enable you to take quantum leaps in your business while also increasing your personal power and enjoyment. These proven success disciplines and strategies have been integrated into practical applications and forms you can use to effectively create your very own Richer Life.


Who Will Coach Me?

Dr. Rick C. Ernst conducts coaching at all live events providing you with the most innovative, intimate and exclusive entrepreneurial wealth-building and life success coaching available in the world today.

In addition, you will also receive coaching from other leading experts in their respective fields such
as scholars, doctors, financial planners, legal and tax experts, all while visiting some of the most spectacular destinations on earth.


Do I Qualify For Platinum Membership?

This in-depth, high-impact coaching is exclusive designed for business owners and high income entrepreneurs. The fact that you are reading this FAQ demonstrates you are a person that is seeking to achieve higher levels of achievement and no doubt you possess a burning desire to take quantum leaps in all areas of your life.

This proven coaching program is engineered for and is exclusive for senior players who have
already achieved a high degree of entrepreneurial success and are now ready to take the next
steps to achieve massive growth and achievement.

You qualify for Platinum Membership if you have an entrepreneur mindset and are a successful business owner, hold a senior sales career position, own or manage a professional practice and
are looking to take a quantum leap in your personal and professional life.


What Results Can I Expect From Platinum Membership?

Platinum Membership coaching has been specifically designed to lead entrepreneurs through
quantum leaps in their personal and professional lives over the course of three plus years.

During this time an entrepreneurs income will increase substantially from what it was when they attended their first session of Platinum Membership. Entrepreneurs also dramatically increase
their non-working time which leaves more time for family, fun and relaxation.

As a Platinum Member you will learn to become an entrepreneur who is laser focused on your
business as well as learning to dramatically increasing your productivity more than you have
ever could imagined without this integral coaching.


How Is The Coaching Conducted?

Through years of dedication and client observation Dr. Rick C. Ernst has discovered entrepreneurs
and business owners meeting once per quarter for intense high-impact coaching is the most beneficial
and also assures each members personal accountability.

Quarterly coaching sessions consist of either a 2-day workshop or a 4-day Super Summit
on an alternating schedule. Your in-person participation in these coaching sessions will
hone your mental faculties thereby preparing you for maximum achievement during the
forthcoming 90 days.

During these coaching sessions you learn to apply practical tools and successful techniques to clarify and focus on your vision, goals, strategies, plans and solutions in both your personal and business life.


What Happens In The Platinum Membership Coaching Workshop?

The 2-day workshops are an interactive experience consisting of a combination of intense focusing mental exercises, creative thinking, forward planning and networking with other participants.

Each coaching day begins at 9:00 a.m. and continues to 5:00 p.m. There is a one hour lunch break with several other breaks throughout both days. At the 2-day workshops we provide you with the input, tools, structure and support to help you:

  • Create a life schedule that allows you to take off 120 to 150 days or more away from your business and focus on rest, rejuventation and family all while doubling and tripling your profits
  • Clarify and significantly broaden your vision for your life and your entrepreneurial efforts
  • Identify and eliminate obstacles that are preventing your future growth
  • Identify your personal definition of success and create a step-by-step plan to ensure its achievement
  • Discover and solve bewildering professional or personal issues
  • Set short and long term goals that are congruent with your vision and what you really want in life
  • Use the most effective strategies to stay focused and on track as you move toward your goals


Where Is Platinum Membership Coaching Held?

The in-depth 2-day coaching workshops are held in Orlando, Florida. These workshops consist of a series of innovative success coaching exercises, reviews of personal progress and extensive coaching and planning for the next quarter. We also encourage peer involvement which assists in the learning process and increases personal accountability.

Alternating every six months you and all the other participants will participate in a 4-day Super Summit. During the summer months the Super Summits are held in a mountain location, such as Aspen Colorado, or Geneva, Switzerland. During the winter months it’s a Caribbean location, such
as Tortola, British Virgin Islands, or 
St. Barts, France).


How Do I keep On Track During The 90 Day Intervals?

The program includes a Platinum Membership highly trained specialist who is available
to assist participating entrepreneurs to implement the tools, techniques and success
principles into their lives and businesses.

The Platinum Membership coaching specialist is available by telephone, skype, fax and
email to ensure that you maximize the return on your investment in this coaching program.

We also help you to implement and communicate your new vision of success to your
co-workers and employees.


How long Is The Platinum Membership Coaching Program?

This coaching program is really a lifetime focusing program that many find to be an ongoing part of their entrepreneurial life. However, through years of client observation Dr. Rick C. Ernst has found that a period of approximately three years is needed for most entrepreneurs to incorporate the new dynamic ideas, principles and success strategies into their personal lives and businesses.

This period of time also allows participants the given time to significantly multiply their incomes and enable them to take off 150 days or more per year.


What If I Can Not Attend A Quarterly Coaching Session?

We do understand that occasionally circumstances arise that may prevent a Platinum Member participant to attend a scheduled coaching session. Though we do not offer refunds for missed sessions we will substitute a personalized coaching call to cover the coaching you missed. However, we cannot stress enough, the benefits to attending each of your scheduled quarterly coaching sessions as there is no substitute for being there live.


What Options Do I Have For Paying My Tuition?

Platinum Membership tuition is paid in advance in United States dollars on an annual basis.
Tuition must be paid in full before attending your first quarterly coaching session.