A Proven Life-Changing Plan

Transformation is a fast-paced, in depth 3-day live event which will empower you with a proven life-changing plan. When you attend this high impact event Dr. Rick C. Ernst will help you discover proven techniques and insights that will allow you to build the kind of relationships you deserve. This event addresses important issues of adult life such as family relationships, career development, personal responsibility, love, communication, making and keeping commitments, and being fulfilled.

New Rules To Becoming Successful

We now live in the 21st century not the 20th century. Everything has changed there are even new rules to becoming successful. If you are ready to learn the new laws of success and become current
in the 21st century then you are ready for the Transformation live event.

Transformation is a fun and entertaining means of sharing valuable information and resources to
build an outstanding life and career. In attending this live event you will learn how to strengthen and/or rebuild your personal relationships and incorporate into your life the benefits of greater

In addition, Transformation will show you how to dramatically improve your self-esteem and interpersonal skills. You will discover and take hold of the power of self confidence and positive reinforcement and learn to overcome negative past relationships and influences. This will enable
you to communicate in an open, honest and self-assured manner, demonstrating to others that
you are an individual of personal power, one free from self-destructive habits.

During Transformation you will expand your effectiveness and deepen your satisfaction in all areas of your life. You will learn to make thoughtful, successful and intellectual choices, relating to finances, family, friends and business associates, as well as position your life to make a sufficient difference
to others.

At The Transformation Live Event You Will Discover How To

•  Use the success strategies from others and model them to replicate the same results in your
own life

•  Take control of your ultimate destiny and understand how to shape your life

•  Eliminate procrastination and self-sabotage and create unstoppable self-confidence and self-esteem

•  Find the partner of your dreams and to improve and deepen your present relationships

•  Create the energy and vitality that you desire in your life

Transformation actually launches you on a journey of personal investigation and growth. Through fun, yet practical and challenging mental exercises you will discover priceless insights about the way you and others think, feel and behave.

During this event you will take hold of a proven life plan which will guide you to significant and exciting personal growth. By adopting and using these fundamental and advanced strategies, you will achieve positive results and your life will take on a whole new dimension of success.

You will return from Transformation with a new approach and spirit towards your daily routines, with a new sense of enthusiasm, wisdom, confidence, and overall peace, you will expand your enjoyment of living the Richer Life.

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