Leadership For The 21st Century


Top leaders In The World Today Are Able To

Focus On The Big Picture While Wearing Many Hats.

To be an effective successful leader in this 21st century you must be a visionary, a communicator,
a trailblazer, a strategist, a success coach and a diplomat among others.

rlcinfluenceIt is a proven fact those individuals who possess strong leadership skills are always among the people
who enjoy the highest
income levels.

During this fast-paced Leadership For The 21st century live event you
will learn from 
Dr. Rick
C. Ernst a leading 21st
century visionary,
provocative thinker and
global entrepreneur
and businessman.

He will teach you the skills necessary to enhance your income and develop leadership excellence that will take you to the top both personally and professionally.

Excellent Leadership And Communication Skills

Go Hand-In-Hand With Future Successes.

This results oriented leadership live event has been designed to quickly strengthen and positively reinforce your leadership communication skills. You will discover proven leadership techniques
that will aid you to initiate and stimulate change inspire, persuade and influence friends and
business associates.

During this event you will also explore practical success strategies surrounding leadership
which will help you to engage in powerful conversations that achieve dynamic results in
your personal and professional life.

At The Three Day, Leadership For The 21st Century Live

Event Dr. Rick C. Ernst Will Coach And Teach How To:

• Maximize your leadership communication skills

• Lead, motivate and inspire others

• Project a more dynamic personal/professional image

• Acquire the skills of a top effective leader

• Overcome communication anxiety

• Discover your own unique leadership style

• Look and speak like a leader

• Earn the respect, loyalty and trust of everyone you meet

• Develop a leadership style that produces amazing results

• Effectively approach problems, crises and other difficult situations

• Turn setbacks and failures into positives

• Understand the challenges you will face as a leader

• Demonstrate grace under pressure and defuse tension in difficult situations

It does not matter how compelling the vision you have put forward, or how brilliant your strategies have been thought through, without solid leadership there is no execution and subsequently no positive results.

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