Interview With Dr. Rick C. Ernst

                                                                                                                                              The below questions and answers have been assembled from various sources, such as Dr. Rick C. Ernst’s TV and talk radio appearances, global webinars, and conference calls.

Some questions are about his success coaching and private health consulting services.

However, most of the questions are about Dr. Rick C. Ernst’s most popular live event, the Richer Life Experience. This three-day live event is an expansion of his bestselling book Richer Life Secrets.


Q: I have heard testimonies about the remarkable results participants experience at the Richer Life Experience.

I am wondering how you can help people fix their problems and multiply their incomes so fast when other experts claim these things take time?

RCE: In the Richer Life Experience, instead of spending time trying to solve the symptoms of problems, I teach participants to discern their root problems, and then I coach them to take the most appropriate cure or actions to rectify their personal and financial issues.


Q: I’ve read that your services include the coaching of celebrities, top-level corporate leaders, and other high-net-worth individuals. Why would they need a success coach? Aren’t they already successful?

RCE: In working with these “successful” individuals, my experience as a Success Coach has revealed that prominent, high-income entrepreneurs and individuals are uniquely challenged in finding qualified professionals to coach them through their professional dilemmas and obstacles as well as their private life issues.

Few people can really understand and relate to the problems and situations almost all these outstanding achievers and public figures encounter.

I live in and understand the world, minds, and lives of high-net-worth entrepreneurs.


Q: Tell me more about your one-on-one success coaching.

RCE: It is lonely at the top – often, high-profile individuals have personal or professional issues which they may not wish to confide to their families, co-workers, or even their professional associates or counsel.

My highly specialized success coaching sessions form a behind-the-scenes alliance that assures confidentiality in an atmosphere of trust and integrity.

This coaching is particularly suitable for those who prefer success coaching on an individual and discreet basis – such as high-income entrepreneurs, officers of public corporations, politicians, professional athletes, television/motion picture personalities, and other celebrities.


Q: I’m 63, and I’ve worked hard, and it’s paid off. I’ve made my fortune, and I would still like to do more but, some how I’ve seem to have lost my drive; as a matter of fact, to be honest, I’m downright bored with my business and life.

Do you have any suggestions?

RCE: Once financial issues have been conquered, your situation becomes a common scenario.

Throughout the years, I have encountered this with other clients in my coaching practice.

The great news is your situation is easily rectified.

Attending the Richer Life Experience will definitely help you overcome this, and then your life, relationships, and career will become exciting, challenging, and rewarding once again!                                                                                                                         

Q: I’m the CEO and director of our company, will attending the Richer Life Experience help me to improve my corporate management teams?

RCE: Most definitely, I recommend you bring as many of your team members as possible to the live event.

The bonding and synergistic alignment will have a tremendous impact on each individual and your team as a whole.


Q: I have four businesses, and I’m interested in increasing my profits in all of them. What can the Richer Life Experience provide in this area?

RCE: There are five ways to increase profit:

1. Increase the number and quality of customers.

2. Increase the amount of business with each individual customer.

3. Reduce or eliminate marketing costs.

4. Increase referral and repeat business.

5. Do Everything Better.

I can confidently say the Richer Life Experience will be a tremendous personal growth experience for you, thereby allowing you to improve and be much more effective in all five ways to increase profit. 


Q: What moral values or religious beliefs do you encourage your seminar participants to have or adopt?

RCE: I do not view my position as a judge or a dictator forcing my own personal belief system on seminar participants.

However, as a life success coach and seminar leader, I do feel it is my responsibility to share the truth of successful business, personal as well as spiritual principles to the best of my ability and then allow Richer Life Experience participants to make their own decisions.


Q: I am seeking to become financially independent. For the last 3 years, I have enjoyed a steady increase in income, but now I am ready to move up to the millionaire status level.

Is your seminar what I am looking for?

RCE: The 3-day Richer Life Experience is attended by people from all over the world who are seeking to substantially increase their incomes.

During the live event, you will learn how to think like a millionaire, discover a proven formula for eliminating your debts and learn how to become financially independent.


Q: Our marriage is on the rocks, and we are contemplating separation.

Is your seminar geared towards marital counseling, or is it more for those seeking general success principles?

RCE: The Richer Life Experience is not specifically oriented towards marital issues. However, the general success principles are taught, including building and maintaining both personal and professional relationships.

Many couples have found their own marriages have been greatly enhanced by applying the relationship principles which they received at the live event.


Q: I am a successful executive but feel I am losing my focus, interest, drive, and desire. Maybe I am going through the so-called male mid-life crisis.

I am wondering, do top-level male executives experience the so-called “male mid-life crisis?”

RCE: Studies indicate approximately 88 percent of male executives between 35 and 45 years of age experience a mid-life trauma of some degree.

In my own coaching practice, I have found this especially true among highly motivated, very driven, successful business and professional men.

I address these issues in the 3-day Richer Life Experience, which I encourage you to attend.

I am confident you will be absolutely delighted with your 3-day experience.


Q: My husband is incarcerated. I am wondering if, as a success coach, do you work with prisoners in penitentiaries?

RCE: I have on several occasions, however, specifically in the areas of pre-parole society adjustment.


Q: So many people today seem to be suffering from anxiety and depression. Do you believe in using medication for depression?

RCE: Yes, I do. Medication certainly has its place. However, I am of the opinion that many individuals who are on medication for depression either have been
misdiagnosed or have not received adequate help or counseling.


Q: I’m a female executive who makes considerably more money than my husband, and this has led to many problems in our marriage. Does your seminar address these kinds of issues?

RCE: Yes, your situation is common among highly paid female executives and must be handled in the proper way. However, it can be quickly rectified.

In the Richer Life Experience, I devote a great deal of time to addressing wealth-building principles, which certainly include the proper handling of money, which would address your situation.

Let me encourage both you and your husband to attend this life-changing event; not only will your issue be cured, but your entire marriage will be reinvigorated
and your romance rekindled.


Q: I was abused as a child, and to this day, no one knows.

Would your Richer Life Experience help me in this area?

RCE: The Richer Life Experience is a high-impact, interactive, multi-sensory, fast-paced personal growth experience.

While it is impossible to address every single experience that people may encounter in life, during the live event, you will discover how to release negative issues of the past, plan for the future, and live in the present.

If you are ready to take hold of your life and become the person that you are capable of being, enroll now for the next Richer Life Experience.


Q: I am in senior management. I love my work, my wife, and all my children. About a week ago, my wife burst into tears and said she felt I didn’t need her anymore, which is not true.

How can I convince her?

RCE: I frequently hear variations of your story, sometimes from the executive and other times from the spouse.

Your situation is very common with male high achievers, and there are two things you can do immediately and four things to be done long-term, which will rectify your problem.

I cover this and much more, which you will find very interesting and insightful in the Richer Life Experience.

Your issue can be corrected however, time is not on your side. I recommend that you and your wife attend the seminar as soon as possible.


Q: I am 47 years old, and after 22 years of employment with the same company, I was unexpectedly laid off due to cutbacks.

 A friend of mine recently suggested attending your seminar, but I feel perhaps that I should try to find another job before I go to a self-improvement seminar.

Do you think this is right?

RCE: As a success coach, I make it practice to never make decisions for people but rather to point out what options they have available and then encourage them to make a timely decision.

Your options are, as you say, “to go and find another job or to attend the Richer Life Experience as soon as possible.”

When you attend the live event, your current mindset, self-confidence as well as self-esteem will be increased, and your overall success consciousness will be enlarged.

In addition, the wealth-building principles I will teach you during the seminar will open doors of opportunities that may otherwise have never presented themselves.

These doors have led many to total financial independence, and my guess is these opportunities would have never been possible in your previous employment.

To me, the choice is obvious. Here is a hint; I look forward to meeting you at the Richer Life Experience.


Q: I feel trapped, suppressed, and in a rut.

RCE: So have many other people who have attended the Richer Life Experience.

Their lives are now filled with passion and purpose!

During the live event, I will coach you on immediate steps which can be taken to overcome your situation, as well as positive approaches that will influence your life and fill you with real hope for the future.


Q: I’m seeking a success coach that can help me with my situation. I am in love with two different people and don’t know what to do.

RCE: This can be confusing. However, there is a way to know how to handle it and make the right decision.

During the Richer Life Experience, I teach participants that our life represents an unfolding of our previous choices and decisions. 

Making wise decisions is a skill that can be learned and one that you can obtain by attending the live event.


Q: I’m unhappy and very, very discontent with life, but I have every material possession that anyone could ever want.

Can your Richer Life Experience help me?

RCE: Yes, I have had many people in very similar circumstances attend the Richer Life Experience.
They are happy and are now enjoying peace of mind.


Q: I read in some of your literature that you are a Christian. Does this mean you only coach Christians?

RCE: Not at all; the fundamental axioms which I use in my live events, public speaking, and coaching practice represent the Christian view and are based on God’s principles.

While I have found these to be most beneficial and profitable in my own personal life, I respect the right of individuals to make their own choices.


Q: I feel good about my life, and I am enjoying many of its rewards and pleasures, but I’m always looking to grow.                                                                                                            Would your Richer Life Experience help me in reaching my full potential?

RCE: Most definitely! The Richer Life Experience delivers the latest and most current life success coaching and wealth-building strategies and techniques to enhance your personal and professional effectiveness allowing you to develop and maintain your winning edge for living the richer life.


Q: We are having severe teenage, marital, and family problems in our home.

We have sought much counseling, but it has been of little or no help.

Would attending your live event be of any help, or is this not appropriate for your event?

RCE: Unfortunately, I have heard many questions such as yours.

Without criticizing the counselors, you have experienced or without elaborating on the Richer Life Experience, let me simply say those individuals who have attended the live event with similar circumstances are happy now.

Q. If you could tell entrepreneurs to do just one thing to improve their lives and income, what would that be?

RCE: Well, my answer to that would not only apply to entrepreneurs but to everyone.

According to recent statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the majority, 79 percent of American adults aged 18 and over, are not meeting federal recommendations for physical activity for either aerobic and/or muscle-strengthening exercise.

The federal recommendations include getting: at least 2½ hours a week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity or one hour and 15 minutes a week of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity.

Their recommendations also include muscle-strengthening activities that involve all major muscle groups twice or more per week.

If you want to dig a little deeper on this note, of the 450,000 respondents participating in a Behavioral Risk Factor phone survey conducted by the CDC, 52 percent of adults said they meet the aerobic activity guideline, and only 29 percent reported meeting the muscle-strengthening activity recommendation.

However, it gets even worst; a featured article by USA Today reported that three other studies suggest Americans are even more sedentary than what the CDC statistics show:

“Scientists with the National Cancer Institute, using actual motion sensors, found that fewer than five percent – let me say that again, that’s fewer than five percent, of adults in the USA get at least 30 minutes a day of moderate-intensity physical activity in bouts of at least 10 minutes.”

So the evidence is overwhelming when it comes to proving that staying active will benefit your health and longevity.

I might add that I have never had a coaching client that worked at improving their health whose net worth did not only increased but actually multiplied.  

Q. So, what you’re saying is to get to the gym?

Well, not really; going to the gym is fine, and some people have to have that as a discipline, but there are many things people can do right at a home or as, in my case, while traveling on the road.   

The options for exercise are limited only by your own imagination and, of course, one’s fitness level.

Let me give you just a couple, and then let’s move on to another subject; I don’t want to turn this conference call into a health show.

Here’s just two things you can do starting today.

One, take a brisk walk for 30 minutes five days a week.

This is called moderate intensity, and two you can exercise with resistance bands two days a week for muscle strengthening.

The main thing is just to get activate; if you will, your health will increase, and so will your bank account! 


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