Vertical Living



The Vertical Living live event is a means of conveying the dynamics of God’s success concepts, providing you with proven Christian education with a singular viewpoint
in mind:

“You Shall Know The Truth, And

The Truth Will Set You Free”  – John 8:32

A Spirit-Filled Experience That Crosses All Denominational Boundaries

This event is lead by author, success coach and evangelist Dr. Rick C. Ernst. Here you will enjoy
a very unique, two day, spirit-filled experience that crosses all denominational boundaries. You will discover fresh insights uniquely presented from the word of God.

Vertical Living will lead you to higher levels of Christian development and maturity. You will receive
a fresh anointing and an empowerment from God, resulting in a positively charged life where your increased faith positions you for the fulfillment of miracles as they become a reality for you:

In All Things We Are More Than Conquerors

Through Him Who Loved Us. – Romans 8:37 

Discover Your Calling, Mission And Gifts

You will discover and internalize the power of the Holy Spirit as He awakens greater self-confidence and self-esteem as well as many other interpersonal relationship skills, including the secrets to effectively communicating with everyone in your life in an clear, open, and self-assured manner.

As a participant, you will be led by the Holy Spirit in discovering your calling, mission and gifts,
bringing you to a deeper walk in your Christian faith. In addition, you will learn to approach your
daily challenges with a new meaning of the word commitment and the personal power that brings
to your life.

The Vertical Living – live event launches you on an in-depth journey of using a proven approach
to Christian wisdom leading to God’s success formulas.


During This Event You Will Learn The How To’s Of

• Hearing the voice of God

• Discovering God’s will for your life

• Living within God’s Plan to receive prosperity and blessings

• Rebuilding or strengthening relationships

• Closing communication gaps

• Restoring marriages

• Overcoming addictions such as smoking, drugs and over-eating,
as well as fear, rejection, anxiety, bitterness, depression, and despair

• Recovering from a severe loss, divorce or death of a loved one

• Finding greater inner peace


The Power Of The Holy Spirit

If you are seeking the secrets to unlocking the power of the Holy Spirit; to experience a fuller,
A richer life in Jesus Christ, then this event is a must attend. 
One thing is certain: This live event
is a life-changing experience. 
For out of your innermost being will flow new rivers of success
and prosperity.

“For I know The Plans I Have For You, Declares The Lord,

Plans To Prosper You And Not To Harm You,

Plans To Give You Hope And A Future.” – Jeremiah 29:11


To be frank, my life before I attended was fragmented and in severe financial difficulty. Now, my life
is fantastic! Everyone needs to attend this event.
Thomas D.

As I witnessed God’s love in action that changed not only my life but the lives of all the others who attended, I was encouraged in a way I’ve never experienced before. Everyone, including pastors, should attend.
Harriet M.

Since the Vertical Living Event, I have experienced freedom like never before; Freedom to express myself and move into a greater understanding of God’s intent and design for my life.
Mark R.

I came to this event with a judgmental and critical spirit, which I had received from my dad. I had always been aware of the hindrance it placed in my life and had asked the Lord to take it away, but it never happened until I went to this event.
Andrea R.

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The presence of the Lord permeated the entire complex. I saw a demonstration of the power of God and the love of Jesus Christ that greatly impacted me. I witnessed tremendous healings. Praise God for this marvelous work!Celeste G.

Vertical Living reinforced my faith in God, answered prayer for my husband’s salvation,
and enriched our marriage with laughter and joy that wasn’t there before. We’ll be
going back again.Gail P.

A terrific 2-day experience that will lead you to enjoy a truly richer life. You’ll never be
the same!
Joyce W.

After attending almost everything, I can truly say this is no ordinary program. It is a moving event! The power and the presence of the Lord were tangible and life-changing.
You must attend!
Ron L.

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