Research and Development Team

Capturing The Wisdom of Innovative,

Insightful And Influential Individuals

An Invitation From Dr. Rick C. Ernst

I am presently seeking effective leaders, who are creative, innovative and would enjoy
the intellectually stimulating activity of participating in 
The Coaching Institute Research
and Development Team.

If you are the type of person who loves being involved in the creation of new ideas
and success principles, then you will enjoy the unique opportunity of working behind
the scenes and participating with myself and our
Research and Development Team.

The Coaching Institute’s Research and Development Team is made up of highly
diversified and motivated individuals who are geographically dispersed around the world.


How It Works

It’s free to join and upon becoming a member of the Research and Development Team,
you will begin receiving 
emails from me on new and exciting projects and benefits currently
in development for 
our clients and services of The Coaching Institute. 

Sometimes you will receive an email once a week, perhaps once a month, possibly every
day for a few days, and sometimes not for several weeks.

As you receive these emails, I will be requesting your opinions, input and suggestions.
In addition, I’ll be sending you drafts of new
projects, programs, net worth multipliers
and benefits I’m considering and/or are in the development stage.

You can reply to all the emails or just a few of them every so often but you must reply
to some of them . . . no just sitting on the bench.

Periodically, you’ll also receive an email invitation to join me for a free conference call
exclusively for our Research and Development Team members. These calls are conducted
like a think tank or mastermind group.

We will brainstorm and bring our collective intelligence, creativity and experience to the call
to co-create solutions in developing and/or improving the services of The Coaching Institute.

We will also discuss overcoming challenges we or others may be facing while attempting to
reach goals and aspirations in today’s global marketing place.


What’s In It For You

There is no direct compensation as a Research and Development Team member. However, you
will benefit (I hope significantly), by participating in the 
special conference calls, and witnessing
the synergistic efforts of the 
other members.

I am confident that you will find your participation in the Research and Development Team to
be pleasantly challenging and very rewarding.

Again, it’s Free To Join!

People all over the world are choosing to become part of this exciting Research and Development Team.

So once again, if you are the type of person, who loves being involved in the creation of
new ideas, then this Research and Development Team 
is for you and I invite to join us now.

I look forward to your input and contributions.

Leading the way,

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Rick C. Ernst, Ph.D.
Founder, CEOChairman
The Coaching Institute, LLC


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