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Having A Successful Meeting

After decades of attending and holding meetings, seminars, and conferences we have learned a few things about the negotiating progress. The success of every meeting/event begins with the negotiation of the venue contract. It can be as large as a hotel, a convention center, or as small as a restaurant.

Remember, you never get what you don’t request, so ask for the things you want. Of course, hotels and venues are more willing to negotiate when reservations are light.

The farther out you begin negotiating, the better your negotiation will go. Choose which ideas are best for your meeting or event. While you may not get all of these great ideas, you will get a few, and it will ensure that you are receiving the most value out of your venue.

Many Hotels And Venues Will Give 

You The Below Items, If You Just Ask!

1. Request Free Room And Room Concessions

a. 1/50 complimentary room policy based on a cumulative basis

b. Same room rate 3 days pre and 3 day post event

c. Request rooms with best view/location

d. Request one suite upgrade for every 15-room nights booked

e. Ask for a “staff rate” of 50% less than group rate to be made available for all your staff and vendors

2. Ask For Food/Beverage Concessions

a. Request in your contract 20% discount on food and beverage published menu pricing

b. Request pre-printed logoed menus for any plated group meal function

c. Ask for 2% off the service charge

d. No charge for meal function, conference, and meeting space

3. Don’t Forget To Ask About Free Parking

a. Ask for complimentary valet privileges for your staff and VIP’s each night

b. Complimentary self-parking for all attendees

c. No charge for equipment trucks/trailers

4. Request Attendee Amenities

a. Daily newspaper for each guestroom

b. Waive all individual resort fees for your attendee block

c. Nightly turndown service for all attendees

d. No charge for wireless internet service

5. Free Business Services

a. No charge for receiving facsimile messages

b. No more than two cents ($0.02) per B&W photocopy

c. No more than five cents ($0.05) per color photocopy

d. Complimentary Easels/Flipcharts and pads, pens, candies in meeting rooms

6. Other Complimentary Services

a. Use of the hotel’s fitness center

b. No charge for room drops or for box handling

~ ~ ~

We hope these tips were helpful.

We wish you all the best with your meetings and we look forward to having the opportunity to be of service to you.


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