You Have All You Need To Live The Richer Life


As a wealth coach, every day I provide people like you with wealth-building secrets that, in the twentieth and the twenty-first centuries, have lifted millions of men and women out of poverty and debt into the Richer Life, into the world of financial success and personal liberty.

It is almost certain that for you to achieve financial success won’t be easy, but it can be done. Others are doing it. So can you. The key to it all, the first and ultimate priority, is that you must have a plan. I am going to help you here. I have a plan for you, a plan that never fails.

A specific insurance statistic speaks to the subject of wealth and financial success. You may have read or heard about it. Let us look at it in the light of our quest for financial success. Of 100 men with a dream of retiring with financial success, 36 unfortunately died before they even reached retirement age.

Five of the 100 men weren’t financially secure enough when they reached retirement age to retire. They had to continue to work. 

Fifty-four of the men no longer worked, but they weren’t financially successful. Others provided for them, i.e. the state, relatives, charitable institutions, etcetera.

Please understand, I’m not placing blame on or criticizing these 54 men. I’m simply reporting the facts. Out of the 100 men who began their vocational life with a dream of becoming financially successful and retiring to live the Richer Life, secure in their lifestyle, only 5 of them achieved their goal and became fully financially secure.

The question begs to be asked. “What did these 5 fortunate men discover that brought them success?” What secret did they learned that enabled them to develop financial success and personal liberty?         

As strange as it sounds, the most difficult task before me, a wealth coach, isn’t to teach students like you the secrets of financial success. I’m confident I can do that. The biggest challenge for me is to get you to believe that you can become financially successful. Difficult though it may be, I am committed to presenting the facts about financial success in such a way that you’ll just have to believe them.

How does one move toward financial success? Two things. You must have a plan,
and you must become aware of the talents and developed abilities you presently possess. I can hear you say “Me?” Yes, you. In fact, there are six things I already know about you, all of them very good things. They are everything you need to create financial success, yes, these great things are in your possession right now: six positive financial success-building abilities.

As your personal coach, I can show them to you. I do that every day with people just like you. Our journey to the Richer Life begins here. I’ve been waiting for you!

Rick C. Ernst, Ph.D.