The Winning Power of Persistence

Although I’m a success coach, I’ve not always been successful. Early in my career I was called on to demonstrate my own personal persistence. My goal was to enter the real estate profession. One of the prerequisites was to obtain a real estate license, normally not easy to do, but certainly attainable with some effort.

For me, however, it was a different story. The Real Estate Commission administered the real estate exam only once a month, which meant that if I failed, I would have to wait an entire month before I could try again.

It’s not uncommon for a large percentage of the applicants to fail at their first attempt, but most pass on their second try. However, this wasn’t the situation in my case. A passing grade did not come my way until I had taken the exam six times. You may ask, “Well, did you not study?” Oh yes, I studied, very hard. In fact, you could ask me just about any question on the entire exam and I could give you the right answer. However, when I read the questions to myself, I could not come up with the right answers.

When I was in the second grade, I was diagnosed with Dyslexia, a learning and reading disability. In those days reading was very difficult for me. Since that time, I have studied hard and with the help of specially trained reading teachers have overcome my reading problem for the most part.

However, to this day I still have difficulty with some things. But I make it a priority to never focus on what I don’t have; only what I do have. Again, I say: It is not the ability you have that makes you successful. Your success is determined by how you see and use your ability.

The point I want to make about the real estate examination is that it took me six months to get my real estate license, when most people do it in six weeks. However, my goal was to get my real estate license, and I did. I then went on to become very successful in not only residential sales but also in selling multi-million dollar international resort properties.

I assure you from my own experience, persistence is the apprenticeship to success. Whatever is in your life today that is hard, difficult, or not going your way, my challenge to you is, see it as an opportunity to demonstrate your persistence. Remember this little four-word success axiom: Get started; don’t quit.

Do not miss the opportunity before you today. Apply yourself. Hang in there. Stay tough. If your resolve is firm, your desire intent, your goals crystal-clear, success will soon be your companion. I’m living proof!

Rick C. Ernst, Ph.D.