Richer Life Secrets

The Richer Life Experience is for people who have always wanted to increase their net-worth, live their passion and create the life of their dreams.

At this spectacular three day personal growth event see
and hear Dr. Rick C. Ernst LIVE as he expands upon the success concepts in his bestselling book Richer Life Secrets.

“This book offers a wholesome perspective on what it takes to be a successful leader in today’s world. Ernst recognizes that an integrity-based approach to business is the key to unlocking richer life secrets.”

Dr. Nido Qubein
President, High Point University

Chairman, Great Harvest Bread Company

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“Richer Life Secrets is a fabulous book that sets the new bar for self-improvement literature. 

The success coaching principles drill deep yet are easy to read, inspirational and loaded with unparalleled coaching containing action steps for success in any situation. If you are ready
to take a quantum leap in your life, relationships and career this book is for you as well as anyone you care about.”

Dr. Tony Alessandra
Author – The NEW Art of Managing People and The Platinum Rule

“Congratulations on an outstanding Book that is both timely and necessary! This book is like a deep well of practical people-friendly wisdom that millions can run to daily and let down their buckets of hope and draw on the timeless principles that never change but can change the destiny of those
who embrace them. I highly recommend this work to the human spirit and the heart that wants
life at the top.”

 Dr. Myles Munroe
Bahamas Global Leadership Center, Nassau Bahamas


Dr. Rick C. Ernst’s – Richer Life Experience is the cornerstone of all of our live events and is attended
by people from all walks of life who are seeking to make a positive difference in both their personal
and professional lives.

Yes for many people things are tough out there. 401Ks have shrunk. Stocks have nose-dived. Unemployment is soaring.

However here is good news. The key to wealth has little to do with the present economy. There is a
clear and proven path you can follow to attain sustainable, long-term wealth that is immune to whatever
the market condition.

Don’t let circumstances take control of your financial future. You can be in the driver’s seat when it comes to this current economy and how it will affect your family.

The Richer Life Experience is a dynamic, life-changing, personal growth live event you will receive today’s most current life success coaching and wealth building techniques, concepts and principles to enhance your personal effectiveness allowing you to develop and maintain your winning edge for enjoying the Richer Life.

Once you complete this interactive and high impact adventure you will have an enlightened consciousness and be empowered to create new and unique solutions to previously unsolvable problems from an entirely new perspective thereby opening new possibilities and winning opportunities.

If you are ready to discover and engage the success strategies for creating an extraordinary quality of life, purchase the book Richer Life Secrets and receive 2 free tickets to the Richer
Life Experience

During this event you will be empowered to achieve
your ultimate personal and professional goals as well
as experience the profound fulfillment you desire
and deserve.

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“In the world today it is rare to find a person who creates success not only for themselves but for others as well – Rick Ernst is such a person. The information contained in this book is life changing!”

             John E. Lang
President/CEO Pinnacle Development Group

 “The first step of helping anyone succeed is to make them believe they are worthy of success and it is available to all who really want it. Rick’s book does a magnificent job of both.”

Ron Legrand 
Author – How To Be A Quick Turn Real Estate Millionaire

“Richer Life Secrets is written proof that author Rick Ernst fully understands and teaches all of the key principles espoused by the other top success gurus, plus more. But to know Rick is to understand that
not only does he live these principles every day, but he gives credit for his success to his Redeemer. 

In this world and in these times, Rick is a standard of faith and courage and his book, Richer
Life Secrets, is required reading for those ambitious few who desire to achieve more without
compromising their integrity, and while recognizing the source from which all good things come.”

Daren C. Falter 
Author – How to Select a Network Marketing Company

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“Richer Life Secrets is the path to take if you are looking for ways to prosper while others are singing the blues. This book is the economic silver lining you’ve been looking for. In this book Rick Ernst will coach you on how to become self-reliant so you can take your life to the next level and beyond. I’m giving this book
to everyone I care about so they can succeed in all areas of their lives.” 
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Mark Walters


“Richer Life Secrets is the best collection of success thoughts and ideas ever put on paper. While reading this book, I felt as if Rick Ernst was coaching me personally. It is Absolutely Powerful! His book and seminars the are the best combination to learn how to truly live the Richer Life. It is with admiration
and respect that I highly recommend you get all of Rick Ernst’s coaching you can, your life will be
positively affected.”

Peter Mingils
CEO – PM Marketing-NetworkLeads


Rick Ernst nailed it with this book, which gives you step-by-step suggestions on how to achieve whatever you want, if it’s better relationships, increased income, improved health, love or all of those. His approach has a strong Christian base with many success principles on how to quickly manifest your goals.”

Rick VanWagner 
Senior Pastor – Family Christian Center


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“Richer Life Secrets book is an *URGENT* Must Read for YOU! Rick Ernst lays out the *exact* Foundational Success Principles that Will empower you to literally explode to a New Level in Life. Your Life will Absolutely Change forever!

John Di Lemme 
International Motivational Speaker


“This book is a great help, I loved it. Once you begin reading it, you won’t be able to put it down. If you
are ready to live the richer life, you are ready for this book. This book sets the standard for all personal development books to follow!

Larry Goins 
Author – Real Estate Day Trading


“Everyone needs a Jolt to Ignite the Fire within to explode their true Greatness. Rick Ernst’s “Richer Life SECRETS” is just that Spark and its chalk full of Tips, Tools, Success Coaching and Techniques to propel
you forward to heights you only dreamed of before now. 

This book is your Blueprint to the Towering Life you Truly Deserve in Lightening Speed it will move you forward to Success and then from Success to Significance. Fasten your seat belt Rick Ernst’s coaching
will thrust you from your Comfort Zone into your Performance Zone!”

Dr. Wayne Pickering 
Author – The Food Combining Guide 


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Powerful in its message, life-changing in its scope, the depth of understanding of what success really means reveals the heart and soul of Rick Ernst. 

The promise that this Richer Life is available to all cannot be taken lightly. Imagine what could happen if the world reached out to participate in the simple, yet revolutionary ideas that Rick so generously lays right at our door!”

Lee Parker 
CEO. U.S. Land Company, Inc

As you read this book you will discover many interesting insights into how to as Ernst says live the richer life. This book will give you the means to translate thought into action. If you are ready for success to come into your life right now read this book, you will be glad you did.”

Dave Lindahl
Author – Commercial Real Estate Investing 101

The global market is glutted with books on financial success – how to become rich, how to be monetarily successful and affluent. Dr. Rick’s book reaches far beyond this outlook and addresses the profound need for each of us to find our life’s dream, our abilities to overcome hardship, to persevere, to find the discipline to accomplish our personal vision and make ourselves better human beings. 

Just as a great athlete requires an insightful and challenging coach with strategies to achieve their goal; so do, all of us need coaching to achieve our life goals. Dr. Rick’s book provides tools and wisdom to compel us to excel and achieve our dreams and to find meaning and purpose to life! 

True success is a matter of making the most of what you are given and Dr. Rick Ernst is
there to show you how.”

Dr. Eugene Tsui 
Architect, Author, Four-Time World Amateur Boxing Champion 


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