Experience + Persistence = The Richer Life!

I have yet to meet a person who has achieved success in life easily without risk and setback and, above all, doggedly persisting to complete the goals of their life. Wise men and women expect set backs. They come with the territory.

     One of the basic reasons you will encounter one or more major setbacks is, in the beginning, you lack experience. In the beginning, it is all new. You are not always sure which way to proceed. For things to go wrong is normal. Our modern society has even coined a name for it: Murphy’s Law, which states: “whatever can go wrong will go wrong.”

     In the beginning of your success adventure, all kinds of things will go wrong because of your inexperience, but you persist, you keep on keeping on. Little by little, you will become more and more experienced, and those things that happened to you in the past will not happen anymore. You persisted, you gained experience, and now persistent effort has made you wiser. You now have the upper hand. Yes, persistence will play a great role not only in the beginning but also throughout your entire success journey.

     The commitment to be persistent will lead you on to greater and greater steps to personal success. In time your persistence will give you an even greater boldness for life. You will be surer of yourself. Things that would have been major setbacks in the past are now handled with wisdom and persistence.

Rick C. Ernst, Ph.D.