A Richer Life Secret: Your Inner Circle

By an inner circle I mean a few steadfast, positive friends. We all need positive people in our lives. You need people to emulate, people to admire for their persistent efforts, people who can give you wise counsel. In short, you need positive people in your life who believe in you and can encourage you when times get tough. It goes without saying that these people should be available whenever the need arises. In his book The Winning Attitude, John Maxwell describes four virtues to look for in the people that you allow in your inner circle.

First, this must be someone who loves you and who is a positive encourager. When a person demonstrates their love for you and constantly seeks to encourage you, this will flood into your life in a wonderful way, and it will help you grow more and more persistent in your efforts to be successful. Your confidence will grow; your faith will expand. You will work harder not only because you do not want to fail yourself, but you want to live up to the vision your friend has of you.

Second, an inner circle person must be someone with whom you have mutual honesty and transparency. This is a rare bond between two people. However, when it happens, and when it is real, there is a synergistic contact of the spirit, and both lives are blessed.

Third, an inner circle person must be someone who is already successful in overcoming challenges and opportunities. You do not need a cheerleader; you need a leader, period. You need someone who can provide the right example or share their experience with you, someone who can say with confidence, “Here’s what you should do.”

Fourth, an inner circle person must have a strong faith in God and be someone who believes in miracles.

People who have no faith in the immediacy of God can help you when times are good, but they will have nothing to offer when your life is dry, when, in your spirit, you are on the backside of the desert, unable to right yourself. Only then, can the spiritual man counsel. Frankly, the unbeliever just waits for circumstances to change. The man of faith, and I include you in what I am about to say, can, by prayer and faith in God, rule circumstances.

Throughout my career I have been able to make sales, get contracts signed, and do other things at times and places that no one else could. On many occasions I have out-negotiated big-name negotiators; I have won in situations where the odds were dead set against me.

You may ask how I have done all this. What is my big secret? Well, my secret is one, wise counsel from my inner circle, and two, which is even more important, is what I call KP. Yes KP. What is KP? Knee Power. That is right, I have prayed in these situations.  One of the Bible verses I rest on when change is required in any situation is Proverbs 21:1, where King Solomon said, “The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord. He directs it like a water course wherever he pleases.”

The Bible says God hears the prayers of a righteous man. So once again, when selecting your inner circle, make certain they are people of strong faith. The question is often asked: “where do you find such people?” The answer will be different for each person. These people may already be in your life and you just have not yet asked them to help. You may find them in your church, at work, among your membership associations or even relatives.

If you cannot find them, begin at once to pray that God will provide you a few success warriors. In time, the ones you need will surface. In addition, I suggest you make a commitment to always follow the free enterprise code of persistence.

Rick C. Ernst, Ph.D.